From the sublime to the ridiculous…

As Donald Trump drives his presidency towards chaos, failure and impeachment over financial conflicts of interests, son Eric has chosen to tweet about the ranking of a Trump golf course in the UK, implying his father is  still strongly financially involved.


On top of everything, Eric Trump links to Golf Monthly magazine, which features a picture of Ballybunion golf course in Ireland, the favourite course of Bill Clinton as is well known in golfing circles.

The picture does not identify the golf course as Ballybunion, but I have been to that golf course in the Southwest of Ireland and it looks just like the picture.

Talk about mixed messages! Trump and his family have to persuade American voters Trump is different from the corrupt Clintons, whose term was riddled with conflicts of interests. And now son Eric tweets about a Trump golf course in the UK without making it crystal clear his father is no longer involved in running the company.

It may be just a detail, but there are countless golfing fans out there who will recognize the favourite golf course of Bill Clinton featured prominently on Golf Monthly’s website and associate the corrupt Clinton family with the  Trumps on a subliminal level as a result of just seeing the picture.

Not just Donald Trump but his entire family has to get on message that Trump is divesting himself of financial conflicts of interest to avoid a future impeachment.

Incidentally, my mother from Ireland was a passionate and good golfer when she was young, always on the edge of her seat watching golf games, so I get what the various golf courses mean to golfers. A great deal. Golfers know world famous golf courses where championships are regularly played like the back of their hands, and they watch the games giving minute arm chair advice about which club players should use use at every single hole.

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