Top Globalist insider and Austrian journalist Eric Frey gave us a glimpse of the plan to take down Donald Trump by imploding his presidency from within, by portraying him as an erratic back tracker on his promises, cutting him off from his popular base and, then, impeaching him in an article in Der Standard newspaper, published by  Bilderberger Oscar Bronner.

The article is called an early end to the Trump presidency as a scenario.

Yesterday, we saw Trump delivering the Globalists all ammunition they need to do just that in an ill judged interview with the New York Times.

Just by going there after tweeting he would not and after lambasting the entire mainstream press corps, he made himself look erratic. Worse was to come when he delivered headline after headline to portray him as someone already back tracking on his promises in the real, new media which has until now supported him.

The Drudge Report, Trump’s biggest supporter, linked to an FT report headlined “Trump reverses course on core campaign pledges.”

He backtracked on climate change, confusing clean air and water (very desirable) with legislation based on pseudo science to shut down US industry.

US industry can grow and be clean through renewable energy.

Also, he back tracked on a pledge to jail Hillary.

Moreover, Trump has dithered and vacillated on appointing key members of his cabinet, who would signal he is serious about his policy committments. He keeps announcing appointments but none have come, making him look indecisiveness. Where is the appointment of James Mattis, for example? Why hasn’t it be announced long ago? And Rick Perry?

And why is supporting Mitt Romney, an opponent, for foreign secretary?

In addition, he slept through the ongoing attempt to steal the election again, and sway the electoral vote against him in December, making no preparations to fight a new election if the electoral college denies him the presidency.

Instead of tweeting on these vital topics, he tweets about irrelevant things like an SNL show.

He has also allowed himself to be drawn into a staged? confrontation with a theatre cast via Mike Pence, clearly the Globalist choice to replace Trump according to Eric Frey.

Trump tweeted an angry tweet demanding an apology while Pence stole the show by saying he was not offended, positioning himself as the man of reason and de escalator of racial tensions.

Given the performance of Trump yesterday, the question has to be asked if the Pentagon and Deep State has chosen a total fool or idiot to front its attempt to recapture political office. Trump must be a moron if he does not recognize that not only is his future over if he continues like this, so is the future of his family and of America.

But he seems incapable of staying on message, surrounding himself with what appear to be Globalists who push him into doing things to destroying himself with ease.

In his interview with the New York Times, Trump also failed to recognize the political dimension of his conflicts of interest and an impeachment. Once he loses popular support by antics such as his yesterday and by his failure to demonstrate he has divested conflicts of interests, and once he loses the presidency, he can certainly be impeached over financial conflicts of interest and his whole family will go down with him.

CNN is already predicting Trump will be impeached over financial conflicts of interest.

Yet, Trump maintained in the New York Times interview that he cannot be impeached as president, which may be technically correct as long as he is president, but not when he is no longer president because he has alienated the popular base.

Is this man a total idiot? Does he really care for his own family, his children who have committed themselves to his campaign and so made themselves moving targets? Doesn’t he realize he either delivers to his popular base, not to the New York Times or Reince Pierbus and co, or he will be abandoned, impeached, financially ruined and so will his family?

His children and family need to step in and get Trump on message before he ruins them all. Ivanka and the other Trump children will find out too late that the Globalists are not as magnanimous as they are. The Clintons and co will seek every opportunity to destroy them. Yet, Trump has become their advocate, wanting Hillary to “heal” even as she preps to make the next attempt to steal the election from him.

The Pentagon and deep state has to step in and micro manage Trump’s campaign before he destroys himself, his family America as well through a weak mindedness that is frankly staggering.

Get a back bone, Donald! Show some mental steel and character. Focus on results. If advisors tell you to do something that does not have a direct, immediate result for the popular base, ignore them. Especially, if they are advising you to do things that feed the narrative that you are erratic, untrustworthy and out for self enrichment.

Trump tweeted in 2014 at the height of the Ebola scare, that the USA must close its borders to people from infected areas or quarantine them…

He knows what the stakes are. Get a grip, Donald! Think of your children! For if you continue like this, a rapid end to the Trump presidency will no longer be a scenario, but a fact with all the consequences that go with it.



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