Donald Trump held a meeting with The New York Times on Tuesday  hours after he abruptly cancelled it via Twitter over its inaccurate and biased coverage of him.

Predictably the New York Times, which is the mouthpiece of vested Globalist interests, which stand to lose trillions if Trump’s presidency is successful and he implements new policies, exploited the meeting to spin Trump as an indecisive person, back tracking on his promises.

The good things that Trump said, namely that he is against waterboarding and against all forms of racism and neo Nazi extremism went under as the New York Times split hairs and focussed on apparent inconsistences.

If Hillary Clinton had been inconsistent, the NYT would have praised her a realistic politician, seeking to heal the country and common ground in the Senate and Congress to pass legislation. But since, it is Trump, he is portrayed as a fool.

Trump is being very poorly advised by Kellyanne Conway and Reince Pierbus, who accompanied him to the meeting, and may have pushed it. The dwindling New York Times readers are not his target audience.

It is one thing to compromise and horse trade to get legislation through Senate and Congress. It is another thing altogether to give interviews to his enemies in which he appears to horse trades in public.

Also, Trump exposes him to the charge of inconsistency by his actions.

One day, Trump is berating numerous high-profile television journalists and network executives, the next he goes to New York Times offices to clear the air, only to find he portrayed as a fool by that very news paper, which he does not need in any way to be successful.

Meanwhile, Trump is facing new attempts to steal the election from Hillary Clinton’s team.

“I’m interested in verifying the vote,” said Dr Barbara Simons, an adviser to the US election assistance commission and expert on electronic voting. “We need to have post-election ballot audits.” Simons is understood to have contributed analysis to the effort but declined to characterise the precise nature of her involvement.

He needs to make it a priority to get a legal team together, which is reliable, and not infiltrated, to document the massive fraud committed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who openly called on illegals to vote.

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