Donald scores 90 on the first hole and is still in the sand bunker…

Another day with no meaningful achievement for Donald Trump?

“President-elect Donald Trump has delivered his first Thanksgiving message, in which he urged the nation to work together after a bruising election campaign.”

Take a deep breath, Donald.

Remember what it was like in the military academy. That time you had to take orders. Now you also have to take orders. You have been elected by the Americans to carry out an agenda and you have been elected by a landslide.
Carry out those orders, take action, get things done and don t stray off the reservation with superfluous youtube Thanksgiving addresses, fuelling the Globalist narrative that the USA has been divided by this election. It hasn’t. No one was behind Hillary except the banks and corporations and media.
After telling your voters through the New York Times that you are ready to betray all your key election pledges at the drop of a hat without valid reasons, simply because of a weak impulse to please whoever happens to be sitting opposite you, you need to repair trust by taking actions that demonstrate your determination to carry out the orders of the American people and put your weakness of character behind you.
Imagine that you had spent a day at the military academy hanging out with the “cool” kids at the New York Times without permission. Imagine how disappointed  your commander would have been at you. That is how disappointed Americans now feel about you.
Or imagine you are part of a golf team. All the others have played superbly and acquired a comfortable lead, and then you tee off as the last player and hit the ball into the sand bunker and take 30 shots to wipe out their lead in ten minutes, dragging the whole team down with you. Would they ever want them on your team again? No.
Take a deep breath and go out to one of your golf courses and play a round to remind yourself your presidency is about results. As you play, remember in golf you have to play 18 holes with the minimum of strokes. Your presidency is like that. You have to play 18 holes with economical means, get results efficiently, get a champion’s score.
Your first hole is staying on message, picking a cabinet that will carry out the agenda of your voters, and not of your opponents, and getting inaugurated without having the election stolen from you.
Your second hole is implementing a successful 100 days of clear policy initiatives like repealing and replacing Obamacare, withdrawing from TTIP and the Paris accord, and, if clean water and air are important to you, starting a vast programme to fund the development of new solar and renewable energy technologies.
Your third hole is getting in financial legislation to stop a financial meltdown.
Your fourth hole is building the wall to Mexico on time and on budget.
Your fifth hole is regenerating inner cities and education.
Your sixth hole is winning the mid term elections. And so.
In a game of golf, you cannot hit the ball into the rough constantly and fail to get it out, without ending up with a looser’s score.
So, in politics. You have to be focussed on getting the ball into the hole. It’s a linear, straight forward shot. There may be tactical considerations. There may be a sandbunker between you and the green for example on a par 4 hole. You may have to consider wind speed and direction and judge whether you can get the shot over the bunker about 200 yards away or not. It may be that the gale force wind is blowing in your face and you decide that even if you hit the ball with full force, it is not even going to reach the bunker, but will lay you up for a good shot at the green. Or it may be the wind is so blustery, you decide to hit the ball a little to the right, to the end of the rought, to play it safe and have a reasonable shot at the green.
These are minor details. The goal is clear in golf. The ideal is to sink the ball into the hole with the first stroke from the tee or to do it get that result in as few strokes as possible. The end score is clear. If the golf course’s par is 72 and you shoot 172, you have failed.
When you announce to your voters via the New York Times that you do not intend to pursue the things you pledged to do and were voted in to do, it is not a minor matter. It was like needing 20 swings to play a par 2 hole.
When you fail after sixty meetings to announce solid picks for key jobs, it is not a minor matter. When Hillary is preparing to steal the election again, and you are not tweeting crooked Hillary want to rig the electoral college, it is not a minor matter. When you cannot separate your business interests from your presidency effectively, it is not a minor matter. When your son Eric is not tweeting about how proud he is to be taking over your business empire and building it up to new heights of prosperity, sharing fairly in the recovery you will create, it is not a minor matter. When he links to a golf magazine featuring Ballybunion, the favourite course of Bill Clinton, instead of putting up a picture of himself pouring over the books of Turnbury as he takes charge, it is another missed opportunity.
In golf terms, you are probabaly already 100 over par on the first hole. How do you expect to make it up?
You need to recognize your parents were right to try and straighten out your tendency to flip flop and be all things to all men by sending you to the military academy. This drastic step may have been necessary when you were young, and it certainly seems necessary now, but you are too old to go to the military academy for four more years. You have work to do, orders to carry out, results to achieve. And you have to be seen to be doing it by your voters.
Now you need to go to the deep state and Pentagon who helped stop Hillary steal the election, and humbly ask them to help you with every detail from planning your diary, selecting your cabinet picks, writing your scripts and notes, and disentangling your business interests so that you avoid impeachment and the ruin of your family.
Or in golfing terms, you have to go back to and practice with nets.
Be humble. Recognize you have accomplished a great feat. You have a great opportunity. You could still go down in history as a great president. But you have a great weakness of character and cannot manage without really solid advisors. Whoever your current advisors are, you have to fire them and get back on track. That is not making meaningless announcements about unity in a divided country but with substantial plans to rebuild prosperity and peace for all and at the end, you can add how you personally strongly condemn all racism and neo nazism. That will reassure any Americans who doubt your values more than a bland speech about some kind of national “socialist”? unity.

Hole one, stroke one, announce your cabinet, all of whom have to be on your team and not opponents like Mitt Romney.

Hole one, stroke two, stay on message about the policies you were voted in to carry out. Divest yourself of your business interests to avoid impeachment.

Hole one, stroke three, stop Hillary stealing the election and electoral college by putting together a reliable team of lawyers now.

Stroke four, sink the ball into the hole and get inaugurated without getting shot, allowing a world war three to be started through some false flag or a financial meltdown.

If you get that far, do not sit around and congratulate yourself but make your way to the second hole and get ready to tee off…

If you manage to play your presidency like a round of golf, focussed, determined, confident in what you stand for, economical, tactical, you and your family and your country can really look forward to a great new era.



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