George Soros is giving $10 million to groups who appear to be ready to use confrontational tactics against Donald Trump supporters as part of a Globalist strategy to create race war in the USA.

Soros is pouring funds into organizations allegedly to fight hate speech even as Soros himself engages in it.

Soros has linked this violence, particularly those against immigrants, to the “incendiary rhetoric” of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Groups that oppose Mr. Trump’s policies have reported record donations since the election, among them the American Civil Liberties Union, the Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood,” reports New York Times.

“Mr. Soros, a billionaire investor, is one of the biggest donors to liberal and Democratic causes in modern times, making him a frequent target of conservatives who criticize what they say is his outsize financial influence in politics.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that many of the hate crimes attributed to Trump supporters were staged.

Hateful notes and emails allegedly sent by a Trump suppoter to a North Park University student were “fabricated” by the student.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters have been caught staging racist attacks in order to pin the blame on Trump.

Alex Jones breaks down what’s behind the attacks on police, and the left’s history of staging violence to usher in further world government.

He also goes over the the cold blooded, execution style killing of many police officers in the past few days.

The shooting of police was a feature of the coup organized by George Soros in the Ukraine.


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