Am in the process of compiling all my police and court documents needed to jail US citizen George Soros, will be ready to send to American groups interested in jailing him on Monday

As media report that members of one Reddit subgroup devoted to jailing Soros are planning protests against Soros on November 26 in front of the  offices of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations in New York, I am putting the finishing touches to a summary of my case with all the key documents, which will enable the conviction of George Soros.

I must send the Reddit subgroup a copy on Monday 27th November since Soros is a US citizen.

Trump might also be interested. Jailing Soros will be a bigger prize than jailing Hillary. If he claps Soros behind bars, he can afford to be magnanimous to Hillary, as long as she stands down, although he is playing with dangerous fire by politicizing that decision and not leaving it to the FBI and the DOJ.

The Open Society Foundations admitted that Soros is paying anti-Trump protesters, saying ” with so many protests organized by so many groups  it’s possible some groups the philanthropy supports may have been involved in the protests.”

Anyway, this is the new draft of my letter to Donald Trump, who might also be pleased to be able to drain the swamp of Soros by clapping him in jail on the basis of my case.

Dear Donald Trump,
Dear Stephen Bannon,
Dear Michael Flynn,
Dear Jeff Sessions,

I am writing to you concerning evidence that Billionaire George Soros is the “mastermind” behind several attempts to murder me, and subsequently to cover up these attempts, on account of my journalism activities on the new media in Greece.

This evidence is so strong that I was allowed to formally accuse George Soros and his associate, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, when I gave testimony to a judge at a criminal court in Larisa, Greece, in October after the Supreme Court in Athens ordered the case to be reopened.

I have been able to prove my blog is read by George Soros himself. This fact alone gives credibility to my claim that he was part of an irregular, stealth approach to flooding the US with Ebola in 2014 by standing down standard biosecurity measures.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my blog  has been able to uncover an irregular, stealth approach to flooding the US with Ebola only by applying the traditional skills of scientific journalism and by analyzing data. This highlights the need for the USA to develop multiple new information sources, bloggers, or researchers able to carry out an in depth examination of rapidly evolving new areas, including cyber, renewable energy, biological warfare.

To succeed in the new global environment, the USA requires information. The world has become more interconnected, more complex, more unpredictable.

Having a network of bloggers and researchers around the world is potentially a big intelligence asset for the USA. But any new information assets will need protection.

If proper investigation procedures are applied, as is required by law, my evidence will lead, I am sure, to the conviction of Soros.

I, therefore, urge you to exert pressure on the Greek government to ensure an investigation. I also urge you to explore avenues for opening a parallel investigation into Soros in the USA since he is a US resident and falls under US legal jurisdiction.

Groups have formed in the USA seeking to convict George Soros and put him in prison, according to the media.
There are many promising approaches, not least that of convicting him for his admitted role in collaborating with the Nazis in World War Two.

But I believe my case is one of the most promising because the chain of evidence leading to Soros is so strong.

Convicting Soros in a court of law is an elegant solution which will

*minimize his influence

*strenghten your credentials as a person determined to drain the swamp

*win you applause for protecting the new media

*help protect future intelligence assets useful to US security

George Soros has been accused of

*currency and financial wars

*engineering the current migrant invasion of Europe

*helping to trigger the false flag Ebola epidemic

*funding violent groups to cause race war in the USA

*funding a coup in the Ukraine and installing a fascist government, and pushing for a dangerous confrontation with Russia

Soros has funded

*Hillary Clinton

*Democratic Alliance

*protest groups against you

*the “crooked” mainstream media

George Soros has been identified as a major threat to the US security, conducting  irregular, hybrid, and Spectre style criminal syndicate campaigns against the USA on multiple fronts including financial, information, and cyber.

Please find attached all the documents you will need to put George Soros in jail. I have given a brief outline my case. I have provided copies of all the key court and police documents. These are in the Greek language and valid in Greece only.  I have an English translation for most of the court documents. The few remaining can easily be translated by a court certified translator for your inspection.

I remain,

Yours sincerely,

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