Donald Trump’s choice of commerce secretary and treasury secretary will make or break his presidency, his family and his country.

Reports sugget Trump is leaning towards picking a Globalist bankster insider Wilbur Ross who, in conjunction with a Globalist treasury secretary, could wipe out the US economy as well as the Trump business empire.

The first problem is that Wilbur Ross is a donor to the Trump campaign, creating a financial conflict of interest. Remember the Clinton cash for favours problem?

Trump needs to steer away from anyone who exposes him to the same charge, especially if Ross ends up being the person who has to wind up his business empire if he is impeached and goes bankrupt, which seems to be the Globalist game plan.

Second, Ross is known on Wall Street as the “king of bankruptcy” for his record of buying failing companies, according to the Financial Times.

Ross does not have a business stake in seeing the USA prosper. Trump does. His hotel empire is part of the real economy. It is not wise to put a man in charge of cultivating the real US economy who stands to make massive financial losses if he succeeds.

What role might Ross play in the ruin of Trump and his impeachment? This is just one scenario.

If Trump manages to bring prosperity to America, his business group, to be run by his children, will automatically share in that rising tide of prosperity. They won’t need any special favours to enjoy more success in a more dynamic and prosperous economy. His hotel group is part of the real economy not the financial realm run  by the banks.

Conversely, if the US economy under Trump shrinks, lurches from financial crisis to crisis, his empire will struggle more and his children might be tempted to take special favours, exposing them to being set up for an investigation and even conviction.

What steps can Ross take as commerce secretary to destroy the US economy?

Ross crashes the real US economy where jobs are created and products and services traded in secret by taking advantage of the ignorance of Trump about the private creation of money and the fractional reserve banking system. Ross could either pushes good policies that always end up in the sand. Or he could push terrible inflationary policies that sound good to the unwary Trump.

When the economy dives, the Trump business empire run by his children, who are part of the real economy, creating jobs, and products and services, will struggle more and more. There will be even less money circulating. What there is circulating will be devalued by rising inflation.

By contrast, the business of Ross will thrive as he winds down all the bankrupted companies, stripping them of their assets, and concentrating wealth in his hands.

Ross? and other other Globalists, posing as friends of Trump, off the Trump children good deals. The relieved Trump children wanting to keep the empire afloat will take them. The trap is sprung. The deals turn sour.

Trump steps in to try to rescue his business. He is accused of conflicts of interest and financial irregularities.

Trump’s business goes bankrupt and has to be wound up by a bankster vulture like Wilbur Ross. As commerce secretary he appears to offer Trump a good deal. Only to stab Trump in the back. The news emerges that Trump and Ross have done a deal on the pages of the New York Times. Trump is impeached.

What to do?

Trump needs to pick a commerce and treasury secretary who really are committed to the real economy, who have a stake in it, a business producing real jobs, products and services and not a financial background.

The real, enduring upswing in the US economy will come with souvereign money, the end of federal taxes, which were introduced in 1913 to pay for the steal privatization of money creation when the Federal Reserve was transferred to the private bankers.

Trump needs to sit down and spend a half day figuring out how the private creation of money works and where the traps are for the US economy. It is not difficult to grasp the principle.



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