Chess champion linked to Wilbur Ross and Alex Soros faces shock defeat in world championship with two games to go

A Russian is positioned to defeat the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, and associate of Alex Soros and Wilbur Ross, and to claim the world chess crown.

Carlsen won the match today to draw level in points with his opponent. There are now only two games to go in the championship in New York.

The next game is tomorrow, 26.11.2016.

The twelfth and final game is 28.11.2016.

To win a player needs 6.5 points with one point being given for each win.

If there is a deadlock at game 12, the champanionship enters a tie break phase.

Watch the battle unfold on chesscom twitter.

Read an analysis in German in Der Standard.

These chess championship matches are a perfect opportunity for the Trump team to start honing their strategic and tactical skills…

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