Will Donald Trump be taken down by Globalists in a pincer movement attack planned like a chess game?

When Wilbur Ross attended a secretive meeting of the top Wall Street Globalists with the Turkish president in September in New York, the world’s most famous chess player along with his manager Espen Agdestein and James Rothschild was present.


That the world’s greatest chess champion Magnus Carlsen was brought to the meeting should be a clue to Donald Trump and his team about how the Globalists work.

They plan their moves well ahead of time as in chess.

In fact, the scenario for the impeachment and ruin of Trump outlined by top Austrian Globalist insider Eric Frey is a multi phase plan, which will involve many actors.


In my previous post, I outlined the role Wilbur Ross could play in a pincer attack on Trump and his business empire, leading to his impeachment and financial ruin while trading on his ignorance of the fractional reserve banking system.

See my translation on this blog of an interview with Vienna economic professor Franz Hoermann’s  in Der Standard in 2010 called “Banks create money out of air” and written by Daniela Rom.

Interestingly, Alex Soros, son of George Soros, who declared war on Trump also has a photo on his Instagram showing him playing chess with Magnus Carlsen, the same man who attended the Wall Street meeting in September.


That indicates Globalist Alex Soros is also a chess player, who has learned to think several moves ahead as well as how to mount surprise and pincer attacks using a variety of pieces.

Trump and his team would be well advised to learn chess too in order to understand their opponents.

It’s easy to grasp the main principles and playing is fun. A great introduction is by Emanuel Lasker.


There are also stunningly beautiful marble chess sets to be found in shops in Athens like Manopoulos with a fantastic variety of pieces, including figures from Greek mythology, and I am sure there is a great selection in the USA too.


To get more into chess, Trump could personalize the game and have his favourite golf players appear as chess pieces. He could play on a superb green and white marble chess board shaded to match the colours of a golf course.

There is even a version of chess called Zatrikion or Byzantine chess which uses a circular board, resembling a golf course even more…


In fact, the entire Trump family could pencil in a week end together learning and practising chess. That way they would have some quality time together, have fun and learn a very valuable new skill of strategic thinking and tactical planning in a “combat” environment.

With this skill, they will be better equipped to see the traps being set for them six moves ahead and evade them.

As a good golfer with creativity and intuition, and with chess skills added, Donald Trump will be unbeatable.

Chess skills can be easily acquired. Intuition cannot be acquired so easily. The Globalists don’t have  intuition or creativity. They have a one dimensional skills set with few analytical tools. Their “chess” moves like false flag attacks are no longer effective because the new, real media has exposed them. Yet, it is clear the Globalists cannot adjust to the new environment. They keep repeating the same old, same old moves.

The FT has an interesting profile of Magnus Carlsen.


He says he goes to lie in a hammock when he wants “to think how to beat opponents.” That is, this man is very competitive. He is focussed on winning.

His hammock also serves as a place for post-match reflection. “Even if I win a game, if I have made an avoidable mistake, or missed something in my calculations, I get very angry and sulk,” he says, showing that he focussed on constantly improving his game and learning new things.

To improve his game he studies military history and interesting, he has a bookshelf full of books about US presidents. That means, he will be interested in Trump…


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