First defamation lawsuit against CNN over new smear term “Russian agent”

The Washington Post and other media are exposing themselves to lots of lawsuits as they describe alternative news sites, including Drudge and Zero Hedge, as “sophisticated Russian propaganda tools” and purveyors of “fake news.”

Brexit backer Arron Banks is reported to be preparing to sue CNN for implying live on air he had links to the Kremlin.

The Daily Bell points out that the denigration term “conspiracy theory.. has persisted so long and been so successful because it is difficult to quantify a “conspiracy” and thus the dismissal cannot be either confirmed or denied.”

That is also why it is impossible to win defamation lawsuit in court against the label conspiracy theory.

It’s very different matter with the new smear terms “fake news” and “Russian agents”, but the dinosaur media clearly have not yet grasped the legal implications…

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