Julian Assange meets Yannis Varoufakis for dinner as fake opposition Alex Jones claims he has disappeared in new psych op

He could be named Time person of the year and he is a friend of Globalist insider (and occultist) Yannis Varoufakis.


What more proof do we need that Julian Assange is a fake and controlled opposition?

Even as Craig Murray report shave dinner with Assange and Varoufakis, Alex Jones has started a fear mongering campaign claiming Assange may have vanished. Another psycho op designed to terrify Americans.


I can tell the readers of this blog I really could be murdered from tomorrow  for exposing George Soros and co, and I am in the least bit afraid. I did the right thing. My conscience is right with God. What do I have to fear?

Assange, Snowden, Alex Jones, the entire ring of controlled opposition is in trouble as the alternative media expands far beyond them.

Meanwhile in Greece, George Soros puppet Alexis Tsipras is facing opposition from lenders as well as his own party, and may be forced to call an election.


So, Alexis, you really had better make sure I get my postponement tomorrow at Larisa court, hadn’t you?

Because when you are out of office, as you certainly soon will be if you have to call an election, you wil find all the people in Greece you betrayed, lied to, and ripped off, will be looking for an opportunity to put you and your crooked judges in Larisa in jail. Boy, will they be happy to have  my case examined, not to mention the lenders.

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