Proof I am alive today, Sunday, 27th November. But will I be alive tomorrow? Or will my proven readers George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have had me murdered after court in Larisa?

A quick and somewhat shaky picture of me today in freezing cold Larisa with Sunday s copy of Eleftheria, the local paper. I look rather bemused but so would you look bemused if you were in my bizarre position.




The picture of the newspaper is a bit blurred, will try and get a better one of me and the newspaper together. Also, I am a pretty good looking thing and that does not come across in the picture to my disappointment (: But now it’s just a question of getting the photos up on time.

Tomorrow November 28th is the crucial day. I have to go to Larisa court to get my postponement on the grounds that the Areios Pagos has reopened the investigation into the original crime and cover up. But there is no guarantee that the crooked judges desperate to avoid jail will not try a fast one.

If you do not see a picture of me by tomorrow late afternoon on this blog with Monday’s Eleftheria newspaper, you can assume that the trap has been sprung.

My readers George Soros and Alexis will have succeeded together with the crooked Greek judges and police in having me forcibly confined and will be murdered in a pyschiatric unit with my murder reframed as suicide.

I was able to formally accuse Soros and Tsipras as part of my testimony to a judge in October on the basis of unambiguous evidence that they read my blog and copy from it, even my rare spelling mistakes.


There have now been four de facto murder attempts since 2015 using a special emergency law that allows two people to testify to have someone forcibly confined in Greece.

Each time I stop one attempt, the next attempt is made. That should be a warning to Donald Trump and his team.

The fact that George Soros reads and targets my blog shows that he considers me perhaps his strongest opponent in the information war. But he does not want to just silence me, he wants to give the impression some legitimate authority (as if the notoriously corrupt Greek judges and police are that) has certified me as mad as a warning to others not to write about him, and his various crimes.

Here we see how disconnected the Globalists are.

One the one had, my blog is supposed to be so small that no one will notice when I am murdered. On the other hand, they prove how big it is by their constant attempts to silence me using criminal means.

My computer and blog have been verifiably hacked, so Soros and Tsipras could even have blog posts put up to try to fool people that I am still free and alive.

In future, I will regularly post photos of myself with the newspaper. Digital photos can also be manipulated like everything digital. But it is harder.

Must focus today on being ready for tomorrow even as huge new developments with Hillary Clinton now trying to steal the electoral college from Trump.

He needs to get lawyers and observers he can trust recording the vote now in Wisonsin and Pennsylvania and tracking any changes.


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