Donald Trump’s voter base is rebelling against his plan to make Washington swamp insider Mitt Romney Secretary of State.

The logic is baffling.

Would Trump pick for his golf team a bunch of players who had come last every single tournament at his club in the past 30 years? Would he be persuaded that these loosers actually represented experience that he needed to win a tournament? 30 years of being a looser in the Washington swamp like Romney is not a recommendation for further office if Trump wants to bring real change.

Mitt Romney and the neocons do not know how to run government, as Trump’s advisors claim. They do not have “experience” to offer him other than the experience of corruption, cronyism and loosing. It is precisely because Romney and the rest of the neocons like Wilbur Ross have helped ruin America, that so many Americans voted for Trump. They voted for change, for a well run government.

His campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway has been inundated with complaints. She has turned into the main voice of Trump’s supporters in his own camp. There is something going really wrong inside the Trump circle if Trump’s voters are not the main focus.

Trump needs to ditch his advisors and get a fresh team.

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