Chess champion Magnus Carlsen: “ Either I win or he wins.”

The golf world and Donald Trump might be focussed on the return of Tiger Woods to the course after a twelve month break.

But the Globalists like Wilbur Ross and Alex Soros will likely be watching the four tie-break games between world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and his Russian opponent Sergay Karjakin scheduled for Wednesday, trying to hone their strategic and tactical skills.

“The tiebreakers on Wednesday will take on a character different from the methodical games played so far. The day will start with four rapid games, in which each player has 25 minutes to complete his moves. If the players are still tied after four games, the next round will consist of up to five two-game blitz matches, in which each player has five minutes to complete his moves,” reports The New York Times.

Mr. Carlsen said: “I think it’s 50-50. Either I win or he wins.”


That sentence made me wonder just how brilliant Carlsen really is…That said, Carlsen has grasped the do or die nature of the tiebreaker matches in chess. The Globalists also view their New World Order project as a do or die tyranny. Opponents have to have a do or die spirit.

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