Malicious Youtuber claims Trump’s son autistic when 10 year old boy showed normal sleepiness at late election night speech

Melania Trump has said she will sue a YouTuber who  claimed her son Barron could be autistic. In fact, ten year old Barron showed all the signs of sleepiness typical of children when he attended his father’s victory speech. No wonder, it was held extremely late at night after a very long day. He is only ten years old, and we all know kids get tired very quickly.

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I am an adult but yesterday I was exhausted too. I was in an internet shop until after 3 am in the morning printing out and scanning in documents after a long week got to bed at 4 am and had to get up 6 am to get everything ready on time for court, which started at 9 am.

Tiredness is not the same as autism, a tragic condition which could be prevented by cutting all the vaccines to young kids.

Melania is right to sue the Youtuber for starting a smear campaign against Barron Trump just because he looked normally tired considering how late the hour was.

In fact, I think Trump should start suing the New York Times for claiming for example he exploiting his presidency for commercial reasons with no evidence.

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