Turkey threatens to flood Greece with 3 million migrants, European countries hatch secret plan to set up wall north of Greece to stop new migrant tsunami

Greece is on the brink of war as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece over EU anger to stop visa talks, reports The Express.

“Greek intelligence officers have discovered the Turkish plans which they say involve thousands of dinghies and motorboats already being gathered along Turkey’s western coast.

The analysts said Syrian migrants are preparing to board the vessels and wash up on Greek shores “within a matter of weeks”.

National intelligence officials estimate at least 3,000 undocumented migrants could enter Greece each day under the plan,” says the Express.


Well, the scenario sounds exactly like this time last year. Only this  time the Greek navy and army will finally have to mobilise to defend their territory or face the consequences.

European countries are  already preparing to strengthen their Balkans fortifications.

“European ccountries have hatched a secret plan to frantically wall off the north of the continent if Turkey goes through with a threat to open the floodgates for millions of migrants, it emerged tonight,” reports The Express.


If Turk does flood Greece with immigrants, my bet is there will be little sympathy for Greece after it opened its borders to allow millions of migrants to flood northern Europe and after the government of Alexis Tsipras refused repeated appeals to close them.

In practise, the border between Greece and Turkey is no longer the border of the EU or Europe. That border now runs along through the Balkans who blocked the Globalist engineered migrant influx.

I bet there will be little appetite in any European country to go to war with Turkey over any plans to flood Greece with migrants. Far from it, they might decide to send back migrants back to Greece in compliance with the Dublin agreement if it becomes more Muslim than Greek.

If the Greeks refuse to close their borders to the new flood of migrants, they will have to pay the price in economic terms and social breakdown this time around, not other countries further north.

Apart from anything, Greece’s economy is hanging by a drip from the Eurozone countries. If the life line is cut off, and Greece is forced to exit the Eurozone under its incompetent and corrupt politicians things could rapidly get much worse.

The EU might try to drag European countries into a war, but the EU is a failing structure.

Erdogan also knows that if he carries out his plan, it could end up backfiring. For if Greece becomes a magnet for Muslim migrants from all over the Middle East who can’t go north, they will start going to Turkey

Also, if all of Europe turns against Turkey as he tries to launch hybrid warfare against him, he will be very isolated.

Recep Erdogan met up with James Rothschild, Wilbur Ross in New York at the end of September and he may have made some deal with Wall Street whereby he gets some funds in return for pushing the Globalist agenda.

But Wall Street is facing annihilation if Trump and his team get their act together, renationalize the Federal Reserve and slash federal taxes. Then, Erdogan will be truly alone.


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