Media reports suggest that Donald Trump is likely to pick Steven Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross for Treasury Secretary and Commerce Secretary today.

In that case, it is highly likely that the Democrats will make big gains in the mid term elections due to a downturn in the economy and the loss of jobs, and that Trump, bereft of political and popular support, end up being impeached over financial conflicts of interests.

The logic behind picking Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin seems to be that he was a loyal finance campaign manager of Trump.

Was he really? Or was he just helping Goldman Sachs to hedge its bets.

Goldman Sachs helped fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign directly. But just in case she didn’t win, they put their men in positions to take the Treasury and Commerce posts, and to continue the crushing of the real economy for the profit of the banks while ensuring that Trump lost power very quickly.

Let’s be clear. Trump did not win the presidency because of money cleverly managed by Mnuchin but because of the social media and new media and because he put so much hard work in to the campaign.

To hand the fruits of all his efforts now to his political and financial enemies is the height of folly. But if he choses to be foolish, then his voters will organize new candidates to recapture the Federal Reserve and return prosperity to the USA, candidates who have more emotional and psychological resilience.

Even Fox News has asked what is going on? Why is Trump packing his cabinet with the swamp?

“Part of this is probably a reflection of the fact that Trump put Vice President-elect Mike Pence in charge of the transition. This certainly so far looks like the kind of cabinet that Pence might have picked for himself,” notes Fox.


Yesterday, Trump spoke to bankster insider John Allison about abolishing the Federal Reserve and allowing the private banks to regulate the money supply.  Abolishing the private Federal Reserve will not abolish the private banks and their monopoly on the creation of all the money in circulation in the USA always with interest.  It will make the interest, debt and real economy worse.

Trump’s aim has to be to renationalize the Federal Reserve and issue debt free money.  That is a hole in one financial move which will guarantee an upswing in the real economy and in real jobs.

As president, Trump has to be able to ring up the Federal Reserve and say “I want a trillion for the military, a trillion to build a wall in Mexico, a trillion to regenerate inner cities and a trillion to see fund new businesses tomorrow.”

That is the power that will be in his hands if the Fed is renationalized and the power to print money is returned to the US people, US government and its president.

It sounds too easy to be true. It is that easy. The hard part is not being assainated or hoodwinked when he power.

Just as air is supposed to circulate free of charge, money is supposed to circulate free of charge to allow for trade. Free money is the life blood of trade. It is like the road system ofa country.

Supposing every single road in the USA were privatized and every vehicle had to pay a toll of 100 dollars every mile. The transport and trade system would break down. That is the same as the privatized system of creating money. Everytime, a person uses a dollar bill they have to pay a huge toll. The toll is hidden in federal taxes, in inflation or deflation, in booms and busts.

Trump cannot afford to continuewith this system of the private creation of money at the end of a bust cycle when the entire economy is about to collapse under the weight of its interest and debt. He must change over immediately to the sovereign issuance of money.

He has to set inflation controls, stop massive amount of forgeries entering system and shadow banks.

The fact that all the neocons and Never Trumpers in the Republican party are cheering at his cabinet picks, should be a warning to Trump that something has gone very wrong and he is heading for disaster.

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