As Hillary Clinton makes yet another attempt to steal the election, and as Goldman Sachs and Rothschild banksters grab the Treasury and Commerce departments of the new administration, there is still a way that Donald Trump can bring unprecedented prosperity to the USA from the first day he takes office and so improve his chances of winning big at the mid term elections.

With one simple executive order, Trump can reboot the real economy and create jobs. And that one executive order he needs to sign is so apparently irrelevant that Senate and Congress will not be able to stop it.

I outlined in my previous post how Trump could set up his own house bank to finance his own debt in a perfectly legal way by applying to a national financial regulator for a house bank license.

But that same approach could be used by any business entity in the real economy in the USA if the legal framework is changed by Trump. It could be through an executive order.

An order allowing all businesses in the USA employing more than, say,  30 people and producing concrete goods and services (cars, air conditioners, hotel services) to found their own house banks  would enable  businesses in the USA to replicate the model of German corporations BMW and Siemens and boost prosperity immediately.

German electronics giant Siemens was struggling financially…until it founded its own house bank.

Today, Trump is going to Indianopolis to meet the employees of struggling Carrier A.C., a manufacturer of air conditioners. Imagine Carrier A.C. could found its own bank and fund its own debt and investment projects using its own house bank operating according to the fractional reserve banking system!

Inflationary risks would have to be dealt with in any executive “house bank” order. But that is not hard.

First, such a order would apply only to a business entity serving the real economy (cattle feed company, restaurant, hotel, car manufacturer).

Financial services, such as banks, penson funds, insurance companies, stock market funds etc must be excluded from having a house bank.

Second, only a reasonably sized business entity employing 20 or 30 people would be eligible to have its own house bank.

They would need a capital reserve requirement of just 2%.

Third, a house bank would only  be permitted to lend to its own business entity for purposes of tackling its own debt or financing investments.

It must be prohibited to making loans to third parties.

It must also be prohibited from making private loans to anyone other than its employees and families.

But by making capped loans to employees, for example, refinancing mortgages at a ceiling price of say a maximum of 500,000 dollars at a much lower interest rate , it will reduce the debt burden on American workers and free up money for consumption in the real economy, increasing demand and stimulating production and jobs.

After all, some one has to have the money to buy air conditioners from a company like Carrier A.C for that company to prosper.

Fourth, a house bank must be prohibited from charging more than 0.1% interest on any loan.

Any house bank caught charging more must face gigantic penalties, even criminal charges. Drastic penalties are needed  to stop the development of a shadow banking loan shark operation sucking money out of desperate, indebted worker’s pockets and so damaging the real economy.

Fifth, the application of a business entity for a house bank license can be stream lined and fast.

A special authority needs to be set up to grant house bank licenses which is separate from the current banking and financial regulators.

A business meeting the above criteria and applying for a house bank license should be able to get a license in one week from the “domestic house bank licensing authority.”

Sixth, a separate authority has to be set up to constantly inspect the house banks, their loans and monitor inflation closely and feed figures into a data base covering all of America. This federal “house bank”  regulatory authority needs to be empowered to order house banks to increase or cut back on loans as is required to avoid inflation and stimulate the real economy. 

Seventh, special capped house bank loans, instead of seed capital, can be granted to start ups with viable real economy ideas such as in the area of renewable energy to further strategic goals like clean air and pollution or to improve information flows. (For example, a blogger like me should be considered as someone who could able to apply for a house bank license in the USA. How can I realistically be expected to fund my blog year after year from my own savings with zero income???

Information costs money. It should not be only my money that is paying for this information that helps readers. My information on my blog does not help me. I know it already. Putting this information into the public arena involves effort and only gets me into trouble. with Globalists The readers who benefit from it, must start to pay for it or find a way of funding blogs like mine though special house or blog bank licenses, for example.

It should be able to revoke licenses altogether if house banks start making loans for example to CEOs to fund mega mansions.

A new idea. But is a viable option now that the Wall Street banksters have captured the Treasury and Commerce departments and are set to drain the US economy still more.

BMW and Siemens have their house banks. Why shouldn’t a company like Carrier A C in Indiana?

When Americans see real prosperity and real jobs growth, they will be more likely to re elect Trump at the mid term elections. They might not be clear where that money is coming from, namely the new house banks. But that does not matter. Americans will end up with more dollars in their pockets and be able to consume more goods creating more jobs. Trump will be seen as someone who delivered on his election promises.

As soon as he wins the mid term elections, fires Pence and co and the switch is made to sovereign money in the USA, and the Federal Reserve is nationalized, any house bank executive order can be revoked.

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