Donald Trump’s business empire is said to be about 1 billion dollars in debt. His debt to the banks could be making him open to pressure from Wall Street.

But Trump can deal with his debt simply by opening a house bank and buying up his own debt.

As he can reorganize his business empire and create separate entities when he divests himself of it to help the process of buying up his own debt.

Chose one of his businesses in a country with light regulation and a low capital control requirements, say 2 or 3%, and a relatively stable local currency.

Set up a house bank.

Allocate his stocks and shares as capital for his house bank.

If he wants to make a loan of a billion dollars to his US empire, he will need a capital reserve of about 20 million or 30 million dollars depending if the capital reserve requirement is  2% or 3%.

Apply for a bank license with the local financial regulators.

Acquire a bank license.

Start lending his US empire arm money.

He might need to allocate 30 million dollars worth of shares as capital for his house bank if he needs a loan of a billion dollars.

If that is to much, he can give 15 million and have his house bank make a loan of half a billion at first to his US arm. From that loan of half a billion, he can give another 15 million to the house bank to allow it to loan his US arm another half a billion.

He has to watch out for currency fluctuations. But his house bank dos not need to charge him no commission for currency exchanges.

Is it really that simple, readers, might ask?

Yes, it is. This is how banking works. Why do you think companies like BMW and Siemens have set up house banks?

Look also at how Marfin raised its capital base. Marfin loaned money to the Vatopedi monastery, which bought Marfin shares….

So, Trump can solve his own debt problem in a few simple, legal steps. Then he will be more independent of Wall Street and renationalize the Federal Reserve. This will bring long term prosperity to the USA and his hotel empire.

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