Why doesn’t Alexis Tsipras stay in Cuba if he likes it so much?

Alexis Tsipras, along with Gerry Adams and King Juan Carlos of Spain, attended the funeral of dictator Fidel Castro in Cuba.

For once, Ekathimerini has a commentary well worth reading, concluding with the question why Tsipras doesn’t stay in the dictatorship of Cuba if he likes it so much…

“The scenes from Havana were quite surreal, and not just because of all the dictators flanking Tsipras on both sides. Let’s think about it for a second: The prime minister of a country that allows the left (even this ludicrous version of the it) to govern goes to a country where departing from the ideological line was punishable with prison or death, and tells those people that he is being oppressed by neoliberalism. If he feels so downtrodden, why doesn’t he stay there and see what the communist version of the “independence, liberty, justice and dignity” that he talked about in his speech looks like firsthand?”


Yes, why doesn’t Tsipras just stay in Cuba. Why come back to Greece to endure “oppressive neoliberalism” where no one wants him?

Greek state TV, ERT, was obviously ordered to broadcast his speech in Cuba, overly theatrical as always, which has a miserable thousand views on Youtube.



He can spend his time in Cuba drinking coffee and dancing (baldy as a video of him dancing on August 16th in his father’s village shows) to the patriotic hymn of the 26th of July Movement, Spanish Movimiento 26 de Julio,  the movement led by Fidel Castro that overthrew the regime of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba in 1959.

I know that might sound strenuous to him compared to his life style as the scion of a construction oligarch who made his money under Greece’s military junta. But a bit of activity would help him finally lose some weight.

A reader sent me a link to the Cuban dictator’s favourite patriotic hymn…

A rough translation of the Spanish text is

Marching, we are going to renationalize the Federal Reserve
Knowing that we have to succeed
For the sake of peace and prosperity
We will all fight for freedom….

Marchando, vamos hacia un ideal
sabiendo que hemos de triunfar
en aras de paz y prosperidad
lucharemos todos por la libertad.

Now my Spanish is not that good, but I made a stab at translating the nexy part.

Come on Americans
Thomas Jefferon would applaud our heroism
When we end the private creation of money
Cleaning with the fire of intelligence
This infernal plague
Of Globalist rulers
And insatiable tyrants
That have undermined the USA
With their evil antics…

Adelante cubanos
que Cuba premiará nuestro heroísmo
pues somos soldados
que vamos a la Patria liberar
limpiando con fuego
que arrase con esta plaga infernal
de gobernantes indeseables
y de tiranos insaciables
que a Cuba
han hundido en el Mal.

La sangre que en Oriente se derramó
nosotros no debemos olvidar
por eso unidos hemos de estar
recordando a aquellos que muertos están.

La muerte es victoria y gloria que al fin
la historia por siempre recordará
la antorcha que airosa alumbrando va
nuestros ideales por la Libertad.

El pueblo de Cuba…
sumido en su dolor se siente herido
y se ha decidido…
hallar sin tregua una solución
que sirva de ejemplo
a ésos que no tienen compasión
y arriesgaremos decididos
por esa causa hasta la vida

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