Donald Trump, a builder and a master of change?

Donald Trump is a builder. Today, as I was read Jacques Denton Snider on Homer, I came across this thought about what a builder is.

“In this natural  condition it is taken by the Builder, the Poet,  who bows, cuts, carves, and fits it together into a  wonderful temple. Thus it is no longer the rude  native forest of wood, the mountain of marble  hidden in the earth, not the wild jungle of  tangled luxuriance — it becomes a well-ordered, carefully-constructed work of architecture,” he writes.

So, we are right to have confidence in Trump’s capacity to master change and create something new.

The gods of Mount Olympus play a big role in Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey. In Homer, the two worlds we live in, the earthly and the divine are shown as constantly linked.

A picture of Mount Olympus covered in snow today seen from a Larisa street…


I can’t believe this is my second winter in Larisa. I just hope the Areios Pagos gets its act together and makes sure its my last winter here dealing with the corruption of judges and prosecutors, crooked police and clergy.

I have to thank God for all his help in protecting me from the cruel and deadly plots. Really, I also know the divine world and the earthly world are closely linked from experience. There is a heaven and there is a hell. There are quite a few people in the monastery of St John and Larisa, who I wager will be going to a very dark place when God choses to summon them for judgement for their hellish deeds.

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