Milo tells US anti Trump celebs to move to Cuban

Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos has suggested American celebrities who do not like the idea of president Donald Trump, and a new era of freedom of the media, peace and prosperity, should move to Cuba. Milo urged them to experience dictatorship, violence and poverty at first hand in Cuba rather than to try to recreate Cuban conditions in the USA.

“My simple proposal, the MILO Plan, is to relocate Hollywood celebrities, journalists, and anyone else too scared to live in Trump’s America…  to Cuba. They can culturally appropriate the food, and maybe even the poverty and misery of living under a brutal dictator,” he said.

US celebs emigrating to Cuba may even be able to sing the Cuban 26th July patriotic hymn together with Alexis Tsipras, now apparently plotting together with Angela Merkel a false flag attack to spark a conflict between Turkey and Greece and the EU that no one is going to buy.  No one is going to fight for Tsipras or Merkel. No one.

Polls show Tsipras is snow o unpopular in Greece that he may well be thinking of moving to Cuba quite soon…

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