Trump announced James Mattis’ appointment over the head of Mike Pence, finally asserting himself against the Wall Street swamp that has captured his transition team

BILD has confirmed that Donald Trump announced the appointment of James Mattis as Defense Secretary at a rally in Ohio yesterday over the heads of his “transition team” in a welcome sign he is beginning to be more assertive in shaping his cabinet.

The announcement was apparently made days ahead of schedule as his transition team had already said there would be no more cabinet announcements this week.

“Okay. So I gave up a little secret. My people over there are probably saying, ‘You weren’t supposed to do that, Mr Trump,'” the president-elect said.

Trump should use every single rally to announce as many cabinet members as he can on his team, sidelining the “transition” team altogether. Kris Kobach would be another hole in one appointment for Homeland Security. Just a few days ago, Trump’s transition team announced it was interviewing new, watered down candidates for the job. Unacceptable. The President elect makes those decisions.

David Petraeus or Dana Rohrbacher (? not a Globalist) for Secretary of State would be another Birdie.

It is the job of the president to pick and announce his cabinet.

James Mattis is a famous for his extensive collection of books, analytical thinking and mental flexibility. He is also against torture, something that will make him even more acceptable to the US public.

“Thanks to my reading, I have never been caught flat-footed by any situation,” he wrote a colleague in 2003. “It doesn’t give me all the answers, but it lights what is often a dark path ahead,” says the New York Times.

Mattis has the brains to thwart the Globalist plan of engineered wars and divide and rule as well as to set up new special ops departments focussing on economic and financial warfare.

Economics shows why Russia is not a threat to Europe. Russia sells its gas there. It cannot afford to overrun Europe, its market. It is just trying to defend its legitimate borders and ethnic Russians in the Ukraine.

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