Donald Trump used his rally  in Ohio yesterday to announce the appointment of James Mattis as Defence Secretary in a move which could spell the end of the banksters.

The Pentagon is more powerful than Wall Street, the Treasury and the Commerce department, both of which have been usurped by banksters.

Mattis is known to be a flexible and creative thinker and he might decide to add a special ops department for financial and economic warfare to Pentagon capabilities.

Such a department would not only help portect American wealth against players like China on currency and financial markets. But it could also wipe out Wall Street either using existing financial instruments or by inventing new ones which Trump can sign into law with an executive order.

With Wall Street weakened, it will be easier to renationalize the Federal Reserve.

I hope Trump uses his tour to make many more appointments. It looks like Pence and the Globalists want him out of Washington to have a free hand in naming their picks.

By naming Mattis, Trump has played a check mate move against the Globalists just after losing his Queen.

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