Was Andrew Breitbart murdered for tweeting about Podesta’s paedophile ring?

Major developments in the investigation into a paedophile and possible snuff ring centered around Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta.

Andrew Breitbart tweeted about Podesta’s paedophile ring just before he died, likely murdered.

“Looking back now, especially at the texts Breitbart posted just before his death, it’s glaringly obvious that Breitbart was all too aware of #PizzaGate. You don’t need an intimate understanding of the scandal to realize that there is a 100% chance several of Andrew’s tweets leading up to his death specifically specifically about those involved in #PizzaGate, however at the time they probably sounded crazy even to those closest to him, unless he’d shared the secret,” writes Freedomoutpost.


Wikileaks show John Podesta emailing from his iPad that he is still in the torture chamber.


Follow Pizzagate on twitter. But prepare for a new hashtag.


The paedophile and snuff ring activities of Hillary and company will spell their end. They will do everything to censor it and label it as “fake news.”

Vile, horrifying, sick, insane, diabolical. No words can describe these unnatural acts.

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