When I found out yesterday Larisa prosecutor Dimitra Papachristou has somehow already obtained control over the new official investigation in which she is formally accused of crimes together with her colleagues at Larisa court, it dawned on me that she and her colleagues are getting desperate.

No wonder. They made the attempt not just to cover up a serious crime in April 2015. Ambitiously, prosecutors and judges tried to set me up for a deadly outcome. To accomplish this, they cicumvented every standard procedure, went completely off the charts even inventing a fake person together with the police scribbling hand written notes.

I get that they are now very worried about their future prospects as my readers Alexis Tsipras and George Soros slip from power and Donald Trump gets the reigns of government in the USA.

So, I would like to use this opportunity to reach out to the judges and prosecutors at Larisa court to help us find a joint solution to this extraordinay problem whereby every single top judge is now implicated in very serious crimes against me on account of my journalism activities exposing the wrong doing of Tsipras and Soros.

Ever constructive, I would like to suggest a simple solution which will leave us all happy, including me because I am also sick and tired of going to the court (I have to go again on Monday to testify about the hacking of my computer by a lawyer from Thessaloniki)

Here is my suggestion.

Get together and write a polite but firm letter to Tsipras and tell him this case has to be settled out of court immediately before he leaves office, which could be very soon.

Tell him you are not prepared to go to jail for him, risk being extradited to the USA for him (Soros is a US citizen and the FBI now have all the papers). Point out the cover up has not worked so far, and it is certainly not going to work in the future now that a regular investigation has actually started. All that is being achieved is that ever more judges and prosecutors are becoming implicated in ever more crimes and risking their careers ever more.

Also, emphasize that no one in Larisa court wants to be known as a hired executioner of Soros, one of the most dangerous villains for Greece in modern history. They don’t want their children to be known as the offspring of “Soros” judges.

Explain this is a stressful situation for the entire court. It is poisoning the work atmosphere and straining family relationships.

Warn Tsipras that if he does not settle out of court immediately, you will reveal the identities of all the figures who exerted pressure on you to carry out these crimes.

You will even give me the information to put on my blog as you are entitled to do under free speech laws. And I will put it on my blog.

Also, if necessary, you will file charges yourself against Tsipras and the responsible persons for improper influence, bribery, incitement to crimes etc, not to mention slapping him in jail for his proven involvement in crimes against me.

Finish by observing that this is a new internet era of transparency, and you don’t want to be involved in anything like this again because the chances of getting caught have increased dramatically. You want to be left in peace.

I will also happy with an out of court settlement because I am sick and tired of Larisa as long as you stop hacking my computer or allowing it to be hacked and stop issuing legally flawed verdicts against me.

So, let’s join forces together and get a rapid solution to this sticky situation, which we are all happy with.

You will avoid jail, disgrace etc. And I will finally be able to leave Larisa.

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