Learning more Greek with Cavafy….

As we wait in suspense for the results of the Austrian presidential election and the Italian referendum, I have been trying to learn some more Greek to better advance my own case here in Larisa but also because the literature is beautiful.

My aim is to be able to speak to the people at the Areios Pagos directly about what their plan is for my case now that I found out that judges and prosecutors formally accused by me, Ioannis Mangkoutas and Dimitra Papacosta, have once more been given by case in violation of rules forbidding anyone accused from investigating their own case

Today, I made a stab at another short poem by Cavafy….


One dreary September day
 Emperor Manuel Komninos
 felt his death was near.
 The court astrologers—bribed, of course—went on babbling
 about how many years he still had to live.
 But while they were having their say,
 he remembered an old religious custom
 and ordered ecclesiastical vestments
 to be brought from a monastery,
 and he put them on, glad to assume
 the modest image of a priest or monk.
 Happy all those who believe,
 and like Emperor Manuel end their lives
dressed modestly in their faith.

The Greek original can be read here…


And this is my rough interlinear version of the poem for anyone who wants to learn modern Greek with me using this rather novel method.

Ο βασιλεύς κυρ Μανουήλ ο Κομνηνός
King                        Manuel Komninos
μια μέρα μελαγχολική του Σεπτεμβρίου
one day        dreary               of September
αισθάνθηκε τον θάνατο κοντά. Οι αστρολόγοι
felt                     death        near.     The astrologers
(οι πληρωμένοι)                             της αυλής εφλυαρούσαν
(the bribed, also a word very important for my case!) went on babbling
που άλλα πολλά χρόνια θα ζήσει ακόμη.
about how many years to live he had still.
Ενώ όμως έλεγαν αυτοί, εκείνος
But while they said this, that fellow,
παληές συνήθειες ευλαβείς θυμάται,
old religious custom he remembered
κι απ’ τα κελλιά των μοναχών προστάζει
from the cells of monks he ordered
ενδύματα εκκλησιαστικά να φέρουν,
clothes ecclesisastical to be bought,
και τα φορεί, κ’ ευφραίνεται που δείχνει
and them he wore, glad to assume
όψι σεμνήν ιερέως ή καλογήρου.
the modest image of a priest or monk.

Ευτυχισμένοι όλοι που πιστεύουν,
 Happy all those who believe,
και σαν τον βασιλέα κυρ Μανουήλ τελειώνουν
and like Emperor Manuel end
ντυμένοι μες στην πίστι των σεμνότατα.
dressed in their faith of modesty.

Tomorrow I have to go Larisa court again at 10 am to testify about a lawyer from Thessaloniki who hacked my computer…


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