Livestream of the presidential results on Sunday 4 December shows that Norbert Hofer was far ahead in the first projections winning 53.5% of the vote compared to 46% for Alexander van der Bellen.

At this point, half the votes were counted, according to Der Standard.

But within ten minutes the official result had changed around due to 1000s of incoming data files, according to local media reports.

Was the Ministry of Interior actually subject to a massive hack attack in that period of time? Were votes flipped to establishment candidate Van der Bellen by hackers?

My own computer and Wifi in Greece (time zone plus one hour) were hacked at the same time as I attempted to post a link to the live stream of the results on Die Presse, as proven by screen shots.

I testified to a judge in Larisa on Monday 5th December as part of my case that this hack of my blog occured as I attempted to link to a “live stream of Die Presse” just before the first projections of elections results were due to be announced.

At this point, I had no knowledge of the viral video clip showing that the first projections gave Hofer a victory.

These statements linking the hack attack to the live stream are actually in an official court document.

That live stream may well have been the very thing the Globalists did not want me to draw attention to or to view myself. If I had been able to view it, I may well have seen with my own eyes that Hofer had won massively according to the first projections.

After the May presidential elections, I published evidence of voter fraud on this blog, which is a tip of the spear in the new media.

Hillary Clinton and the FBI warned that Russians could try to hack the US elections.

The FBI was recently caught hacking 50 computers in Austria.


The head of the German intelligence services also warned of cyber attacks from Russia.


I do not believe it was the Russians. I believe it was someone like George Soros who bought a huge software company in the Ukraine last year.

I was able to charge Soros and Alexis Tsipras for being behind the repeated attempts to murder me and cover ups because of the evidence that they have personal, direct knowledge of my blog, a motive and the means to stop me.

The evidence against Soros concerns the way he copied  several of the exact same multi word phrases in a blog post of mine in September 2015 but making the opposite policy recommendation, namely that Europe should accept vast numbers of Muslim migrants.


The key evidence for Tsipras concerned his close connection to former Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. Tsipras started to reproduce my rare spelling mistake Fay n mann in his tweets, adding an n letter in Greek only after he visited Faymann in Vienna in February 2015.

The Austrian presidential election is crucial election to determine the extent to which Austria will be able to close its borders to an unprecedented migrant influx.

George Soros may well have wanted open borders candidate Alexander van der Bellen to win.

Interestingly both seem to share another common denominator. Soros was a a Nazi collaborator and van der Bell’s father also appears to have had special treatment from the Nazis.

Did Globalists, like Soros, for example decide this time around to hack the result as it was being announced because the two other attempts to manipulate the physical ballots and counting process had failed?

Did Soros cooperate with Tsipras to ensure that my computer was hacked at this very same time in a cafe in Larisa Greece? The way I was hacked indicates a operation that was premeditated and a skilful infiltration of my blog, computer and the Wifi and internet routers I use in Larisa.

I am going to assemble all this proof today and send it the Austrian constitutional court and others in an attempt to get an investigation started.

A specialized team of computer experts will probably be needed to analyze the Ministry of Interior computers to determine if there were any signs of hacking. Such an operation can only be ordered by a judge or other authority in Austria.

Unacceptable! The people of Austria are being deprived of their right to fair elections, this time, it seems, by hacking!

This time round, Norbert Hofer has to go. He should be forced to go back to his job and leave the job of campaigning for presidency to someone more credible. At best, he is weak and disrepectful to the voters  in the way he constantly concedes defeat and immediately even in the face of huge evidence of fraud. At worst, he is controlled opposition. Hofer must stand down.

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