A simple way for Greece to placate Turkish claims on its islands

As Turkey continues to claim the eastern Aegean islands from Greece, I would like to suggest a sure fire and rapid way of easing tensions.

The Greek government can offer the Turkish government something even more “valuable” than mere little islands.

As a gesture of good will to Istanbul, Athens could offer what are widely recognized to be its most prized national treasures, namely, Alexis Tsipras, Pannos Kammenos, Nikos Pappas, Yannis Mouzoulas and Yannis Varoufakis.

What a magnificent and generous gesture that would be!

No one would surely ever argue that these five politicians are far more valuable than some tiny Aegean islands.

Kammenos is an especial friend of  Muslims, and Jihadists. He announced publicly  in March 2015 that he planned to send a wave of millions of Muslim economic migrants and Islamic terrorists to northern Europe, and then actually helped open Greece’s borders to carry out the plan. Turkey will be especially delighted, therefore, to have Kammenos. What a prize! The Greek Defence Minister in person under their total control! They can parade him through the streets of Istanbul, satisfying even the most insatiable national pride.


To give Turkey these five “treasures”, the highest ranking politicians in the land, including the Prime Minister himself, would mark a new approach to modern diplomacy, to be sure. But it was customary in ancient times to offer people to appease hostile neighbours. If it worked in the past, it might work now.

If it is not enough, then Greece can offer up Ieronymous, the head of the Greek Orthodox church, as well as large number of bankers and oligarchs.

I would suggest offering the Bishop of Volos and Abbess Theodekti too, but they are needed here in Greece to answer for their crimes.

At any rate, I am sure 10 million or so Greeks would support this plan of handing over Tsipras, Kammenos and Varoufakis to placate Turkish claims to islands. Some one should get a petition in the internet going.

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