Donald Trump has picked John Kelly, a retired Marine corp general, to lead Homeland Security.

John Kelly is the third top general to have been chosen for leading positions by Trump. And great choices these three remarkably gifted, intellectually outstanding, problem solving generals are, too, at a time when the USA is facing so many challenges and threats, also from the Globalists.

Trump has put retired Marine General James Mattis at the top of the Pentagon and Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn his national security adviser-designate.

Trump has nominated Mike Pompeo, a West Point graduate and retired army captain, to head the CIA. He is also considering retired general David Petraeus for secretary of state and Admiral Michael Rogers for director of national intelligence,  to oversee the entire US intelligence community.

These great choice put Trump in a position to really deliver the greatest presidency ever, especially if he manages to introduce government issued money and slash federal taxes. He also has to avoid the possible inflation trap  leading to higher interest rates and even hyperination of massive tax cuts at the time of new tariffs (meaning suddenly fewer goods in circulation), and high spending on infrastructure which has been set up by bankers Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin.

Unlike the Greek military, for example, mired in corruption, and with a terrible reputation for torturing people when it formed a junta, the US military has an excellent reputation of respecting the Constitution and the democratically elected legislative.

Americans can, therefore, every confidence that these generals will bridge the military and civilian divide successfully, and will put their tremendous skills and experience at the service of the US people always only in alignment with the Constitution.

Readers of my blog may know that one of my first posts on this blog in 2009 was about a radio interview I had in the USA with US army vets.

My grandfather was an army officer in Ireland. It is not boasting, it is a fact, that he was a very conscientious, liberal, honourable, brave and capable person.

He was put in charge of all the supplies and housing in the largest army camp, the Curragh, because everyone knew he was scrupulously honest and fair. And he never did take personal advantage of his position. He treated ordinary soldiers extremely well, showing them respect and making sure to take care of their day to day needs. A lot of officers treated the soldiers like dirt, it seems.

He also won a medal for bravery in the civil war.

He was so liberal, he sent my mother to university at a time when hardly any women in Ireland went to university. When she missed winning a county scolarhsip at the age of 17 by a couple of places, he paid for her to go himself, although he had retired by then. She hated her strict school and did not want to spend another year there to get the scholarship at 18 years as the nuns suggested she should. To his credit, my grandfather recognized that if he made her go back to the school, she might get the scholarship but she might also lose her love of learning. That was more important to him.

He was also one of the few people at that time who stood up to the Taliban clergy that ruled over Ireland with an iron fist. Whenever the clergy banned a book or a play (and they banned almost every great writer), he immediately obtained it from Dublin and read it. He was very well read and wrote poems and plays, some of which were published.

He was very interested in politics and followed current affairs closely. One of his relatives from Donegal was in the first independent Irish parliament.

So, the Irish and US army seem to be able to attract and produce people of excellent character, liberal outlook, creativity  and wide ability.

And am I not, dear reader, also a person like that? Where did I get it my good qualities and attitudes from? I got them mostly from my mother, who in turn got them from her father.

I have had little acquaintance with the very politicized Greek military (appointments by party membership) apart from the son of someone who often went to the monastery.  Unfortunately, this man is like a caricature of the hysterical, pleasure loving, dim witted , authoritarian and unpatriotic Greek military in 1930s B movies and actually approves of torturing people. Needless to say he has been divorced several times. More hysterical, soft and spineless than most women. After meeting this man, I began to see why the Junta was such a nightmare time for Greeks.

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