Will Greece’s Supreme Court order extradition of Turkish coup plotters?

The Supreme Court in Athens is to consider the case of whether three of eight Turkish servicemen who fled to Greece after the failed coup should be extradited.


The Turkish soldiers are appealing against their extradition on the grounds that their lives would be in danger if they are returned.

Sorry, but if they are not returned, the lives of many people in Greece could soon be in danger as Turkey escalates its war mongering rhetoric and the Globalists attempt to engineer a regional conflict.

Also, the Globalist inspired coup plotters should have thought about the danger to their lives and the lives of others when they took part in the coup. Military coups with parts of an army fighting against other parts with guns and tanks are by their very nature dangerous things. The eight Turkish soldiers must have realized that. If they did not want to put their lives in danger, they should not have joined the coup in the first place. 

For them to abandon their families and flee to Greece after their coup failed, putting the whole country at risk as they whine about the danger to their lives if they are returned to Turkey to face trial, is a real cheek on their part.

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