Alex Jones rounds up the latest dangerous efforts of the CIA and Clinton campaign to steal the election.

Donald Trump may still be surrounded by comfortable trappings of his home and the soothing voices of Washington swamp insiders like Mike Pence, but his life has fundamentally changed. He is now like a soldier on a field of combat with real enemies armed with real weapons who are determined to destroy and discredit him and kill him and his family using every method they can.

Perhaps he should spend a weekend in a military base practising an exercise like trying to escape enemy soldiers after falling behind enemy lines and seeking to find his way across difficult terrain like rivers and woods to reach his battalion. Such an exercise might give him a sense of how much danger he really is in. Life ammunition could perhaps be thrown in to make it really clear to him what a misstep means as long a he is wearing bullet proof gear.

Whether Trump likes it or not, he is now engaged in a fight for his life and the lives of his family. The only guarantee that he has that he and his children will stay alive is if he becomes president and puts the Globalists in jail. He needs to think like James Mattis.

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