I have just spoken to Dr Rebecca Carley in Chatowga Valley Medical Centre, North Carolina, on the number 828 326 2798, and she informed me that she expects to be discharged tomorrow.

Great news.

She said she believed the support she has received from around the world has set on track for a quick discharge after just four days of  forcible confinement in a pyschiatric unit.

Dr Carley is one of the most honest, intelligent and upright doctors in the world. A great person, committed to the truth, committed to her patients. She has battled to alert parents to the dangers of vaccines and autism. She helped me enormously in 2009 by explaining to me lots of issues connected with the pandemic vaccines. She has been on Infowars and she is a close friend of another great doctor, Canadian Ghislaine Lanctot, who was also struck off for her whistleblowing efforts,

Dr Carley has been smeared, struck off, has had her son taken into care. On Saturday, she was forcibly confined in a sign of how vicious the Globalists have become now that they are losing power.

But we, her friends, above all the great Sheldon Day, have managed to get her out in just four days. A huge victory. Dr Carley said to me on the phone she had been treated badly at first, but things started to get better after what she believed must have been protests.

If you can help Dr Carley by contributing money for her costs or by giving her a safe house for her and her pets to stay, please contact Sheldon Day at


We are currently experiencing an unprecedented attacks against honest, real media and honest doctors. Support those who supported you! Semper fidelis.

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