Tracing the flight of Xerxes through Greece…and the Globalists fleeing freedom loving humanity in 2016

Reading Herodotus’ account of the flight of Xerxes back from Greece to his Persian Empire reminds me of the flight of the Globalists in 2016 after the freedom loving USA has recaptured the presidency, although they have no empire to flee too.

I took this picture on the train of the Gulf of Malis, close to the pass of Thermopylae.


This is location of the famous battle when the arrogant tyrannt Xerxes experienced his first setback at the hands of the 300 Spartans led by their King Leonides.

You can see how high the mountains are in this central part of Greece from this picture. Some of the mountains are over 2000 metres high. The railtrack between Larisa to Athens winds through spectacular scenary.

This mountainous terrain is one reason why it took Xerxes and the remnants of his shattered army 45 days to reach the Bosporus after their shocking defeat at sea in Salamis close to Athens.

My journey also started in Athens like Xerxes. I went there in June to submit documents to the Areios Pagos about my case.


And to their credit, the Athenian Supreme Court got Larisa, an ally of Xerxes in the Greco Persian war, to reopen the investigation into my case, a de facto murder attempt made me againt me on account of my journalism activities with all the fingers pointing at George Soros and his minion Alexis Tsipras.

The train descends soon after the Gulf of Malia into the plain of Thessaly where Larisa is located. It then moves on to pass Mount Olympus, the abode of the gods of ancient Greece.

The southern part of Mount Olympus is visible from Larisa. I took a picture of it today from a street. You can just make out the mountain at the end of the street capped with a thin covering of snow.


Part of Olympus is in Thessaly while the nothern part of this great mountain is in Macedonia, a region comprising the nothernmost part of Greece. The border area where Greece meets Turkey and Bulgaria is called Thrace.

Frightened, panicking, Xerxes made his way with his bunch of loosers, setting fire to crops, heading past Mount Athos peninsula.

A photo of Mount Athos with a view to Turkey beyond taken at sun set.


Tyrannical Xerxes and his band were heading for the Bospuros to Istanbul only to find a bridge of boats allowing them to reach mainland Turkkey and Persia had been burned down by th Athenian fleet. They had sailed  from Salamis across the Aegean and gotten there first.

The Globalists, like this band of losers, including George Soros, Hillary Clinton, John Podeta, Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel and their media puppets are heading through foreign terrain liberated from ignorance by the new media, hoping to reach a bridge which has been burned down, and to cross to an empire that does not exist.

The Globalists like Xerces have burned down the mainstream media information resource of Athens, only to find the public had moved onto the ships of the new media, ready to destroy them in the information war of facts at the narrow strait of Salamis.

Now they have been destroyed, the Globalists are panicking, on the run, shooting from the hip, burning down the corn, trying recounts, bribery of electors, spreading the lie of Russian interference in the election, anything to cling on to power.

But as they run, committing one crime after the other, the bridge of lies they think will carry them to safety are burning. The empire they think they can reach and give them safety is a mirage in their deluded minds. The only new continent they will ever see is hell. Not hades or the underworld. But hell.

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