Pennsylvania electors resolved to vote for Trump in spite of harassment

From Centre Daily

On Monday, 538 electors from around the country will convene in their states to officially elect Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. And while there has been national talk of electors voting for someone other than Trump, Pennsylvania elector and Centre County resident Joyce Haas won’t be one of them.

Haas, along with 19 other Pennsylvania electors, will be sworn in by Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor Monday morning in Harrisburg. After the ceremony, the votes will officially be cast and Trump will receive the 20 electoral votes he won on Nov. 8.

After the votes are cast, the electors will join Gov. Tom Wolf in the Governor’s mansion for lunch. Haas said the lunch will put an end to what has been a very difficult time since the election.

“This will be a very welcomed day,” Haas said. “All 20 Pennsylvania electors have been victims of extreme harassment by people trying to get us to change our vote.”

Haas has received more than 60,000 emails from individuals and organizations trying to influence her to cast her vote for someone other than Trump. She has also had her personal information, including telephone number and address released online.

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