Athens prosecutor’s attempt to acquit Vatopedi monks opens door to Turkish land claims over Greece

An extraordinary claim by Athen prosecutor Vasiliki Krina opens the doors to Turkey claiming the right to land it owned under the Ottoman Empire.

Krina sought the acquittal on all charges for th Vatopedi monks and their associates charged in connection with the property swap between the Vatopedi Monastery and the Greek state.

The exchange, which took place almost a decade ago, is alleged to have cost Greek taxpayers a bilion by some estimates.

“The prosecutor said that there was no evidence of intent (unlike in my case) on the part of any of the defendants, adding that they were executing government decisions and were, as a consequence, convinced that their actions were legal,” reports Kathimerini.

It follows that if some alleged ancient Byzantine church claim is valid today in Greece obtain land and and swap it for prime real estate in Greece, then an Ottoman empire claim must also be valid today. Indeed, I imagine I could make a claim on the home of Krina herself the basis of some ancient Irish monastery record…

After all, Turkey occupied Greece for hundreds of years, had its own land registry, and can now presumably use those documents to claim Thessaloniki, Athens and Larisa…

A picture of Larisa from 1674 shows it dominated by a mosque with camels grazing by the river Pineous.


Is this all the Turkish government need to produce to claim Larisa today? The text states Larisa was  a Turkish military base between 1423 and 1881. It follows from Krina’s claim that the Vatopedi monks broke no law, that Istanbul just has to show this picture to obtain all of Larisa.

And it also follows, does it not, that Krina needs to be fired for incompetence or corruption for if her claims stands, any one can claim Greek land?

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