Christmas and 2017

It’s almost Christmas day and the end of 2016. No one can predict what 2017 will bring. After Brexit and Donald Trump,  2017 is likely going to be a year of crisis as a new system asserts itself against the old system controlled by a private banking cartel. Will there be a financial crisis, more cyber crimes like the theft of the Austrian presidential elections by the Globalists, ISIS terrorist attacks or wars as we move over to the new system?

One thing is for sure, the new media, the free, real media, the free flow of information on the internet, the freedom of the press, blogs like mine, and I myself, are under unprecedented attack.

I myself am in Greece in the middle of a huge case centered around repeated attempts to murder me on account of my journalism activities, and to cover these up in a manner which set me up for a deadly outcome.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Dr Rebecca Carley, another spearhead in the fight against vaccines, was forcibly confined in North Carolina by a crooked judge ordering a psychological evaluation just as the same fate nearly befell me in Larisa.

Thanks be to God, the shift in power has occurred more quickly than the Globalists envisaged. Hillary Clinton lost the election and true patriot Donald Trump has assumed power. The judges of Larisa did not dare carry out their plan on behalf of the crooked clergy and Alexis Tsipras, reader of my blog. And we managed to get Dr Carley out of the pyschiatric unit in record time.

But Trump has a Rothschild bankster as his Commerce secretary and Goldman Sachs crooks as his Treasury secretary and national economic advisor, setting the USA up for a gigantic collapse unless the Trump team gets a grip on economics and finance.

In short, we have to stay vigilant.

In response to the persistant perversion of justice in my case, I started a civil case in September 12th. A crucial 100 day deadline is coming up on December 21st or so. This is the time limit for the defendants to deposit their evidence. I then have ten days to respond, ie until January 30th. So I have to prepare now so that I have most points translated on time.

In addition, I have to keep tabs on my criminal case. I wrote to the Areios Pagos and complained that those formally accused had been given the case about the corruption of Larisa judges and prosecutors to investigate. That is against the law.

My original case involving crooked clergy, police and lawyers is also set to be handed on by the investigating judge to a prosecutor around now. So, I have to make sure that too does not end up in the hands of an accused prosecutor and that my cases are given to bodies outside Larisa to investigate.

Anyway, it’s a lot of work I have to do over Christmas to keep my cases on track. No holiday for me. As usual.

The readers of this blog should recognize what all this information costs someone like me and assume their fair share of the burden. You don’t want dangerous Ebola and swine flu vaccines? You want accurate information about how the private banking system really works? Fine. Assume your fair share of th burden of supplying that information.

God bless!

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