German police catch Bulgarian thug who kicked woman down subway steps

The Berlin police have caught the man who kicked a woman from behind to send her flying down the steps of one of the city’s subway stations. Thug Svetoslav S. is now facing charges of grievous bodily harm and could even be charged with attempted murder.

I tipped the thug was a Kosovo Albanian, and turns out I was not that far off. He is from Bulgaria, about 300 kilometres away from Kosovo. He is 27 years old and a father of three, which makes you wonder how he treats his wife and children, doesn’t it?

Readers may be wondering how I came so close to guessing the nationality of the Berlin subway thug. No secret I talk to the local Greeks in as far as I am able to in English, and they tell me who the real menaces in the region are. The Kosovo Albanians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Roma (child trafficking) and Georgians come at the top of that list.

The most lawless parts of Greece with drug, child and slave trafficking are the towns bordering Albania and Bulgaria and Turkey, I have been told by several very different and credible sources, including a conscript who did his military service in Evra.

It must be said in favour of the Greek people, they do, on the whole, make reasonably dedicated parents and they are not, for the vast majority, into sick things like paedophilia and snuff videos and kicking women down steps.

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