Why Ivanka Trump should be allowed to help children

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter, has reportedly been calling elected government officials to discuss child care policy.


Michelle Obama and Chelsey Clinton were praised for caring about chidren and the environment. Now Ivanka Trump is being condemned for doing the same thing. Namely, having a commitment to children and the environment.

There is no conflict of interest issue at stake if Ivanka Trump decides to devote her time to helping children and women and the environment. But I think she would be wise not to call elected government officials personally.

Imagine the good she can do if she develops her own approach! She could, and this is just one example, help equip US inner city households as well as millions of homes in Africa and South America with a new generation of low cost and powerful solar cells. This would enable parents to have electricity to run lamps at night to allow their children to study, to recharge laptops and to power water filtration devices keeping children healthy.

The new generation of solar technology could also be a huge export hit for the USA.

Ivanka could do enormous good without risking the accusation of conflicts of interest. Let Donald make the calls!


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