Berlin, Ankara, Zurich. Are three terrorist attacks on one day a coincidence?

Three separate terrorist attacks occurred on Monday, sparking speculation they are linked or have been orchestrated.

In Ankara, Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was assassinated during an exhibition opening.

In Berlin, a migrant hijacked a truck and then drove it into a Christmas market killing at least 12 persons.

The migrant, then, tried to escape on foot, indicating he may have been motivated by payment rather than by some fanatical Islamic worldview.

In Zurich, a gun man wounded three people at an Islamic center. The attacker was found dead closeby on Tuesday.—Toter-ist-der-Taeter-16401976

Monday was also the day when anti Globalist Donald Trump was officially elected president of the USA by members of the electoral college.

Now that the Globalists have lost control of the US political system, though they still control the Federal Reserve, they may be switching tactics and trying to destabilize Europe and  incite civil war using migrants as their weapons.

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