Deutsche Bank: Trump and I have one more thing in common

Donald Trump is a client of Deutsche Bank, it has emerged.

Deutsche Bank also happens to be my bank. I can testify it is excellent bank from personal experience. Absolutely unbeatable customer service. And no, I have no loans with Deutsche Bank, no debts with Deutsche Bank, no  arrangements with Deutsche Bank.

I haven’t got a loan created as a book keeping entry from Deutsche Bank as 97% of our money is created. I don’t have to pay interest to Deutsche Bank. I have no income from undeclared sources. no untaxed, dodgy or funny money.

So I have nothing whatsoever to gain by stating Deutsche Bank is an excellent bank as long as you pay in real money, represented by things of real value like property. The fact that Trump is a client of Deutsche Bank inclines me to think he is  really sound in his financial dealings.

That said, Deutsche Bank and other banks are taking us all for a ride of some kind because the bankers know they create money as a book keeping entry and charge interest for it, ruining the real economy.


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