False flags to roll out a police state?

He was allegedly shot nine times. But there is no blood to be seen in pictures documenting the assassination of Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador in Ankara. Assuming Karov does not have Vodka flowing through his veins, there is a disconnect, and a disconnect of the kind found in false flag operations used to justify the roll out of a surveillance and police state.


Also, in the Berlin truck attack, there are no pictures showing blood or bodies. This is incredible considering an articulated lorry is supposed to have ploughed into a crowded Christmas market.


Moreover, a German blog asks how the driver knew  the area so well that he was able to find the only  approach road to the Christmas market.


And why are all the attackers always leaving their identity papers at the scenes of the crimes? We have now learned that the Berlin truck driver is not the person allegedly chased through the central park by a witness (that person simply had to deny all involvement to be released)… No, it is someone who left their identity papers under the seat of the truck who was known to intelligence services…

A repeat of the Charlie Hebdo false flag all over again?

The solution is never to deport the Muslims.  The solution is always more police. 

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