Roger Stone said in an interview with Infowars that Donald Trump planned to control the private banker plants inside his cabinet, specifically Rothschild banker Wilbur Ross and Goldman Sachs bankers Steven Mnuchin and Gary Cohn.

Today, Trump appointed Peter Navarro, a well known pro manufacturer adviser, to his new body on national trade, showing that he intends to reign in the private banks in favour of the real economy and manufacturing jobs.

From Afr…

Donald Trump has selected the hawkish author of anti-China books, such as Death by China, to head a new White House national trade council to advise the President-elect on trade and industrial policy.

Peter Navarro has been an outspoken critic of Beijing on trade and security issues. He was an influential campaign adviser to Mr Trump on taking a hardline stance against the world’s second largest economy during the election.

The University of California economics and public policy professor has assailed China’s economic model for costing millions of American manufacturing jobs and taken issue with state-backed hackers stealing valuable US intellectual property.
The Trump transition team said the National Trade Council will work with the National Security Council, the National Economic Council, and the Domestic Policy Council to fulfil the President-elect’s vision of “peace and prosperity through military and economic strength”.

The newly created council inside the White House is unusual because usually US Trade Representative’s office is the main appointee responsible for trade. Mr Trump has signalled that billionaire industrialist and Commerce secretary nominee, Wilbur Ross, will also help formulate trade policy.

The appointments of the trade protectionists and pro-manufacturing advisers signals that Mr Trump is serious about renegotiating trade deals and might make good on his campaign threat to hit China with 45 per cent tariffs.

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