Like Hillary Clinton, Theodekti is never tired of failing.

Hillary failed to steal the US election in spite of countles scams and you have failed to steal my life and money in spite of countless attempts.

She failed in April 2015. She failed in January 2016 and you failed on November 28th 2016 in spite of help from Alexis Tsipras, the Ministry of Interior and every top judge and prosecutor in Larisa.

But Theodekti, like Hillary, wants to fail yet again by writing another pack of lies, backed up by no proof, and full of contradictions to her own earlier statements as her reply to my civil case.

Anyway I have to hand in my reply to these puerile lies within a deadline of 15 days. Theodekti’s crooked lawyer (for he must know she is lying and has not proof) handed in the latest proof that she is a criminal at a quarter to 2 pm on Thursday, ie fifteen minutes before the 100 day deadline just to make sure I have the minimum time to reply. Now I have get everything translated and to my lawyer over Christmas and New Year.

Obviously, Theodekti thinks more judges at Larisa are going to be ready to ruin their career for her.

Larisa judges and prosecutors should think twice if they want to continue committing crimes to cover up the crimes of loosers like Theodekti and Tsipras and ruin more of their careers.

The court president Alexander Oekominou and his wife Phonete Karanikola are now even implicated in the theft of the Austrian election.

It was judge Karanikola’s flawed ruling that gave a flimsy pseudo excuse to lawyer Simos Samaras to hack my blog for 30 days at a crucial time (date set by Oekominou). And my blog was verifiably hacked and blocked from posting a live stream of the Austrian presidential elections on December 4th only for a live stream euronews clip to appear proving that the Alexander Van der Bellen stole the election with help from the Globalists in those key ten minutes.

To be fair to Oekominou and Karanikola, I don t think they knew what they were getting into. They are judges of a court of a provincial town in the middle of Greece, and helping Alexis Tsipas steal the elections of a foreign country is not probably what they thought would happen. But the point is, it did happen. The proof is there. The video is there. It has gone viral in Austria. Virtually the entire population in Austria and Germany now knows the election was stolen. It is only a question of time now before Van der Bellen is forced out and prosecuted.

Anyway, the judges at Larisa should learn from all these disasters and desist from helping Theodekti and Tsipras any more.

The intelligent solution is not to commit more crimes to cover up old crimes and to fail every single time and so get into more trouble. The intelligent solution is to stop commiting the crimes and to stay out of trouble in the first place. The intelligent solution is to be cooperative with me in getting justice against Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos in return for which I will drop the charges against all the judges and prosecutors in Larisa. And they really are very serious crimes that the judges and prosecutors have verifiably committed.

Oekominou should make especially sure I get justice in my civil case speedily. In return, I will leave him and his wife out of my Austrian case about the theft of the presidential election. Believe me, they really could be facing extradition to Vienna to testify before very angry judges (who stopped the theft of the May election) and a very angry population for their role in stealing a vital election by allowing by computer to be hacked and stopping me from blogging the true result on time.

I will also insist on Theoktisti being cross questioned as part of my civil case as an essential witness as is my right. So, Theodekti had better make sure nothing happens to her. Theodekti is a hardened and brutal criminal, capable of hatching cold blooded murder plots over and over again. No one is safe around that woman. Lock Theodekti up, Larisa judges!

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