Members of the Greek Orthodox clergy together with my proven readers and opponents Globalists George Soros and Alexis Tsipras tried to murder me five times in the past 20 months on account of my journalism activities.


That is an average of one murder attempt every four months.

I calculated this as I draft a reply to Theodekti’s staggering lies as part of my civil suit. See below for the next part.

The justice officials need to prosecute Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos soon or there is a real danger that I will face yet more murder attempts in early 2017. Only a prosecution will help stop the constant repetition of crimes against me on account of my journalism activity. A signal has to be sent that honest journalism is going to be protected properly in 2017.

Theodekti’s brazen and proven lies do show that she and her Globalist backers still think they can get away with blue murder here in Greece. Theodekti obviously thinks judges will continue to be so corrupt that it does not matter how much evidence there is against her, they will still rule in her favour and still continue to side with loosers Soros and Tsipras against their own country and people.

I estimate that the judges especially of Larisa have more brains than Theodekti, the Bishop of Volos, the Bishop of Larisa, who must, at the very least know, and a good friend of Tsipras, Ieronymos.

They should consider if they want to get into yet more trouble than they already in for the likes of Soros and Theodekti, who are helping destroy their own country.

My entire reply translated into Greek and all the evidence will go in to the civil court early next week and be posted on this blog. It will also be used in my criminal case to speed up the conviction of this thug who is dangerous to me. She is also dangerous to essential witnesses like Theoktisti, whom she has clearly forced to sign a written statement full of obvious lies.

Theodekti mocks me for an email where I state that I have had to spend 50,000 euros since April 2015 on straightening my case. The idea is that I am an unstable person spending my money on baseless cases. In reality, the facts, include the admission by my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos about Theodekti bribery attempt on April 27th 2015, show that Theodekti has bribed my lawyer and the judges in Larisa, has forced me to spend 50,000 euros on straightening my case.

There have been five murder attempts against me by Theodekti since April 2015. Her original one, two by her instrument Theonike, strangling me, and two more since then in January 2016 and November 2016 by means of the corrupt police, judges and prosecutors of Larisa. The Areios Pagos has ordered an investigation into these because of the overwhelming evidence. It is because Theodekti and her backers (Tsipras and Soros) have corrupted the judges in Larisa that I have had to start this civil case to press evidence.

This civil case, the stamp fee, the translations will have cost me more than 5000 euros alone. Then, there is the money I paid Christopoulos in April 2015, about 2,5000 euros to press the charges.  In addition, there have been the civil defamation case of Simos Samaras as well the constant postponements of that case (costing me 100 euros a time). I have also had to pay the fees or stamp duty as well the trips to the Areios Pagos in Athens. On top of that, there are the cost of translating hundreds of pages of evidence into Greek. And there are my living costs in Larisa.

I deny that I am wasting my money for the sake of it as Theodekti implies. She and the Bishop of Volos have forced this costs on me by her corruption.

Theoktisti admits that she knew that my blog reported on George Soros his links to a plan to spread Ebola disease around the globe and force people to take a dangerous experimental vaccination.

The idea is to present me as an unhinged paranoic. But in September 2015 I was able to prove that Soros has direct, personal knowledge of my blog, underlining how credible my information is. Within 24 hours, George Soros personally mirrored a blog post of mine, making the opposite policy recommendation on Muslim migrants.

George Soros is considered a very dangerous man, one of the world’s richest men, a Nazi collaborator, a megalomanic, a man of unlimited resources, a James Bond villain. It is rational for a journalist like myself, who is an effective opponent to his agenda, to be worried about being targeted by Soros.

In fact, the truth is as Roula Kominou described it in her statement to Ajia police in November 2015. I always behaved very well at the monastery. I was always very generous giving cash as well as electronic transfers. I was  helpful, polite and upright. I started my blog when I saw the danger that the Ebola false flag presented although I had good reason to fear for my life. In spite of my fear, I showed courage and commitment to the public interest. I continued my blog week after week. I received no money for it. I acted out of motives that are honourable, good and true. I did not want to do my blog as Theoktisti can testify. But there was no one else.

The fact that Soros personally targets my blog proves how credible, accurate and effective I am in opposing his agenda.

The truth is with time, I saw that Theodekti did not care about anyone except herself and money. I decided finally to leave the monastery on April 18th 2015 after Theodekti was brutal to pilgrims (See email XX).

But when I asked for all my cash pile back on April 19th 2015, Theoktisti refused to give it to me and Theodekti tried to stop me from leaving. She and Theoniki tried, in fact,  to kill me. Having failed, they tried to corrupt the judges and police in Larisa to suppress my case and to destroy me on behalf of George Soros and his minion Alexis Tsipras.

Theoktisti refers to a crisis on January 6th 2014. I had no crisis on that day. On that day, I found out that Theodekti had entered my room or Skete in my absence and stolen things from me, specifically my make up. I, thereupon, decided to leave the monastery. Theodekti denied everything and offered me a key to lock my room. Theoktisti persuaded me to stay to finish my report on St George for the Holy Synod.

Later I found out from local people in Larisa that Theodekti allegedly goes often to Athens and changes into civilian clothes. That is credible to me after she stole my make up.

Theoktisti has scribbled 10,000 euros in cash on these bank accounts on the date XX, but there is no corresponding amount in cash given to me in their own list and no receipts.

Theoktisti claims that I was given 4000 euros to go to Vienna to visit Dr Strausz on February 20th 2014. But I never went to Vienna. I planned to go to Vienna but I cancelled that trip after Dr Verena Strausz was surprisingly put into hospital. This is proven by my emails to Christl Meyer, a resident of Vienna. It is also proven by my emails to the cleaning lady of Dr Strausz, Mane Smilei.

In an email dated XX, I told Christl Meyer I intended to go to Vienna on XX. In an email dated XX, Christl told me that her sister was having a book launch on XX at XX in Vienna and she invited me. In email dated XX, I told Christl I would not arrive on time for that book launch. In an email dated XX, I told her I had cancelled my trip altogether because of what happened to Dr Straus. Christl Meyer can and many others who have known me for a long time in Vienna can confirm that I have not visited them in Vienna for more than three years.

I deny that I ever went to Vienna in 2014. I deny that I got 4000 euros in cash to go to Vienna from Theodekti. I deny that I planned to go with a friend to go to Vienna. I have no friend in Greece to go with to Vienna. Also, if I did go to Vienna, why would I ask for 4000 euros in cash? It is safer to travel without cash. And I have my bank card to use in Vienna.

Theoktisti has lied.I never received 4000 euros in cash to go to Vienna. I never went to Vienna as my emails prove.

I also never received cash on St Patricks day, just a couple of weeks after my alleged and non existent visit to Vienna. I am a half Irish, half Austrian citizen.  The idea is to present me as a drunken Irish person who wants 2000 euros to celebrate St Patricks day in a drunken party at the monastery . It speaks to the moral corruption of the nuns that they claim I wanted 2000 euros for alcohol to spend on them during St Patricks day as I could not possibly have spent 2000 euros on alcohol on myself for St Patrick’s day in a monastery.

I deny I received 2000 euros on St Patrick’s day.

I deny that I brought cockroaches into the monastery. I have never lived in a place with cockroaches. If cockroaches were found, there is no proof it was me who brought them. My Skete was on the second floor. It is true, I brought my food to my Skete but I used a tray. Angeliki Kominou for example used to walk around in the Skete with food in her hand, dropping crumbs everywhere. That is the kind of behavior that leads to cockroaches climbing staris. Also, the cockroaches must have come from the kitchen in the first floor. Cockroaches do not appear on the second floor where my Skete was by magic. They have to appear in the kitchen and climb steps. Again, the idea is to present me as a deranged lunatic who cannot eat a meal without drawing cockroaches out of nowhere.

Angeliki Kominou says that on April 20th  2015 I was free to leave the office, implying I was never locked in. In fact, she misrepresents my statements. I have said from the beginning that Theodekti attempted to lock me in to Theoktisti’s office on April 19th 2015 ie one day earliuer. I have never named Angeliki as a witness to that event on April 19th 2015. Angeliki is deliberately confusing the two events to make me look like a liar. She has concealed the fact that I was subject to violence. She claims that Theodekti and Theoniki never hit me and Theoniki just stood between me and Theodekti in front of my Skete room. But she was not there. She was in the kitchen below and I allege she heard Theoniki shouting that she wanted to kill me. But she is afraid to tell the truth because she is dependent on Theodekti.
The lies about me that Theodekti, and Theoktisti and Angeliki have given as part of this civil case are more proof that Theodekti is guilty. She has no evidence of her innocence. Instead, she is convinced that a judge in Larisa will rule in her favour in spite of all my evidence proving Theodekti’s crimes and in spite of the absence of Theodekti’s evidence, receipts or documents, because she and the clergy and Tsipras can influence them.

Theoktisti admits that I said on April 20th 2015 that I would file charges against Theodekti and Theonike for murder. She admits that I asked for my money back. She twists the truth to suggest that I had been given my money back and wanted to blackmail them to get more money back. In fact,  a murder attempt had actually occurred during that weekend. That is why I filed charges at Larisa police station on April 22nd 2015. That is why Theoktisti attempted to bribe my lawyer on April 27th as my then lawyer Christopoulos has admitted in writing.  Christopoulos admitted to Kirsten Funke in an email on XX that the bribery attempt occurred and that Theoktisti had asked Christopoulos to make sure I did not ask for my money back. That proves I did not get my money back and that Theodekti and Theoktisti never wanted to return it to me.

Key evidence is the fact that Theoktisti attempted to bribe my lawyer on April 27th 2015 as my then lawyer Christopoulos has admitted in writing.  Christopoulos admitted to Kirsten Funke in an email on XX that the bribery attempt occurred and that Theoktisti had asked Christopoulos to make sure I did not ask for my money back. That proves I did not get my money back and that Theodekti and Theoktisti never wanted to return it to me. Their testimonies are a tissue of lies. They offer no proof for the return of my money. Their tactic is to blame the victim. I can prove many of their lies to be false, such as the lie that I went to Vienna in February 2014 by emails. Other lies such as the lies about cockroaches and “number 33” I cannot prove. But I do not need to prove them to be lies.

Judges should know that any ruling against me in this case, any ruling that allows Theodekti to steal my money as the evidence shows she has done, exposes them to the charge of corruption.

 In fact, I should never have had to open a civil case to get my money back and to compel evidence. The corruption in my criminal case has forced me to start a civil case, which is a scandal. I will not let my money be stolen by Larisa judges in a civil case. Any judge who helps Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos steal my money will be charged for their perversion of justice. My case is crystal clear. My proofs are unambiguous. Theodekti’s lies are proven.

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