As the Globalist Empire crumbles, dangerous Soros puppet Theodekti needs to be locked up soon for my safety

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…


where Theodekti’s home base, large and awesome, sits on top of one of the biggest mountains in Greece.

The squat, Theodekti, dressed all in black and the elderly Greek orthodox clergy stand conferring on topics such as agriculture and making money.


The central figure is Theodekti, giving the direction of action with her finger, herself a product of the clientalism and cronyism which is destroying Greece. She has a prominent brother, head of the country’s gay movement, with the best connections to leftist government. She knows the local Bishop well, appears in the mainstream media and is visited by ministers from Alexis Tsipras’ government.

She has absolute power in her mountain top monastery, controlling the phones, money, cars. This has made her a tyrant. She is the Abbess whose orders are not to be questioned. This unlimited authority has fuelled her ill temper until she has become wholly uncontrollable, able to beat, scream and shout at anyone who attempts to restrain her. In her will to have complete domination, she seeks to reduce everyone to submission.

She lays stress on the formal appearance of worshipping God and is a stickler for a perfect surface appearance. But in reality, she worships only herself and money. Her brain has grown stiff with age. She has not grasped the gigantic new development or power of the new media, which has brought Brexit and Donald Trump.

Her multiple and cowardly attempts to murder a journalist exposing the crimes of Alexis Tsipras and George Soros, specifically his links to an attempt to spread Ebola disease around the world, and trigger forced mass vaccinations, have all failed. Not even with the help of the Bishop of Volos, and presumably, the Bishop of Larisa has she been able to accomplish her goal.

In spite of recruiting almost every high ranking judge, prosecutor and police in Greece’s fifth largest city into the cause of destroying an opponent to George Soros, himself one of the most dangerous men to Greece, the journalist is still free and able to take legal action against her. She has now in the middle of a civil action…

Stiff, hardened and without any mental flexibility, Theodekti has decided to lie yet again. She has pressed key witnesses, who are in her total power, to lie as well. She has ignored the vast amount of objective evidence of her crimes as if it did not exist, and presses on with her blame the victim tactics and ridiculous lies…

But to Theodekti’s surprise, the method she was sure to work turns into an own goal…

Anyway, some more lies of Theodekti deconstructed today for my civil case below…I think these last  details pretty well wraps it up. There is now no need for prosecutors in the criminal case to question any one else. Her guilt is proven. She has no defence except obvious lies. The contradictions are too obvious. She has demolished her last shred of credibility, revealed her criminal intent all to clearly. She needs to be convicted before she attempts yet another murder attempt against me with her clergy storm troopers on behalf of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras. It has been an average of one murder attempt every four months since April last year.

Lock her up, Greek judges! Lock this Soros and Tsipras puppet up along with her enablers the Bishop of Volos and, apparently, the Bishop of Larisa.

Draft part three…

Angeliki claims she was so alarmed in the morning of April 20th 2015 by my behaviour that she nearly called the police. But if Angeliki had a phone and was so alarmed, why didn’t she tell her mother, Roula, who came to collect me in the evening, to be careful about me?

Roula’s statement to Ajia police in November 2015 shows that she had no idea what had happened to me until she later read about the events on my blog. She says she was totally surprised by the turn of events when she came to collect me since I had always behaved so well.

The reality is that Angeliki witnessed the extreme violence by Theodekti and Theoniki against me (punching, pushing, screaming, strangling, threatening to murder me) and was afraid to tell her mother the truth. That is why she did not ring Roula on April 20th and that is why she concealed from her the truth afterwards, leaving Roula to learn what happened only through my blog posts.

Theodekti said that Ajia police told her to call the prosecutor to have me forcibly confined. Why, then, did Theodekti not actually call the prosecutor if I was really so unstable and self harming? Theodekti didn’t because she knew she had committed a crime against me on account of my journalism activities and there were many witnesses. She did not want an investigation. She had expected the local police to come and ask no questions.

According to Theodekti, I was then told to leave. Why wasn’t I told before to leave before if the solution to my instability, drunkenness and self harming was just to tell me to leave rather than to have me forcibly confined?

The fact is I wanted to go and Theodekti tried to stop me when I asked for my cash pile back from Theoktisti. Theodekti could no longer stop me from going. Roula confirms in her statement to Ajia police that she was told to collect me because I wanted to leave the monastery.

Theoktisti and Angeliki appear to have been pressured to sign the testimonies by Theodekti. According to the notary, Theokisti and Angeliki had appointments of one half an hour each on December 15th 2016. Theoktisti’s statement is XX pages long. It is not possible for her to have given such a long statement orally in half an hour. More realistically, it would have taken her three or four hours to dictate a statement of that length orally. That means that Theoktisti’s statement must have been prepared beforehand and given for her to sign in the notary’s office. My lawyer told me that Theoktisti and Angeliki would sign written statements.

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