Happy New Year! Every luck for 2017!

I had a dream last night about the inauguration of Donald Trump.
I was in a city and people were rushing towards a brightly lit building. As I approached the building, I heard the most amazingly beautiful, lively, happy music. It sounded like music from Mexico, Peru or Brazil. Drums were pounding, flutes were soaring. I joined the excited crowds outside the building. I asked them what was going on inside. They said to me the inauguration of Trump. I managed to get up onto a window ledge and I did see inside Donald Trump in the process of being inaugurated…

The music was like no music I had ever heard before. And when I thought when woke up this morning, I thought, well, we are living in a time as I have experienced before.

The USA under Trump and large parts of Europe have started to exit the Globalist New World Order. The New World Order run by private bankers has dominated Western history for more than a hundred years. We have seen recurring cycles of boom and bust followed by world wars engineered by the bankers. The bankers and industrialists put Adolf Hitler into power in Germany by appealing in a letter in 1932 to President Paul von Hindenberg.


The central banker Hjalmar Schacht actually penned letter in support of Hitler, which was also signed by the head of Commerz Bank. And Schacht and the private banks financed Hitler using the fractional reserve banking system.

We, humanity, have been held prisoner in a very limiting and destructive paradigm by the Globalists. We have been kept prisoners in our minds by “fake news”.  We have been kept prisoners in a surveillance state like the Village in the iconic British TV series


Humanity has been like a frozen lump of ice or stagnant water deep in a well or like a musical instrument that lies in a corner, untouched. As we break out of the Globalist order, humanity is going to start to flow freely again like a living river like beautiful music. Who knows what heights of development we can achieve?

Yet the short term dangers are immense. The Globalists have realized their game plan of undermining Trump’s presidency by undermining the economy with inflation and high interest rates through their bankster plants Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin and, then, impeaching Trump for financial irregularities has run into trouble.

Trump has appointed a new national trade policy council which is serious about rebuilding the US manufacturing base and a new budget director. So, now the Globalists seem to have changed tactics and are pulling out all the stops to train wreck Trump’s inauguration.

They realize that  Trump, if he masters economics and the private Federal Reserve, could be looking at two terms in office. And he has three children, who could also, each be looking at several terms in office between them…

In a new bid to wreck Trump’s presidency Barack Obama has just plunged the Middle East into crisis and started a new cold war with Russia, among other things.


Then, there is the danger of another Ebola false flag, an ISIS false flag with the help of Nato? and cyber attacks.

And there is the very real danger of a financial collapse across  the globe, especially in the eurozone.

But thanks to Trump and Putin we have so far avoided world war three although we are again at the end of a bust cycle.

We have to pray to God to help us in 2017 to reignite the human spirit, its love of freedom and truth.

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