The mainstream media has recently been filled with stories about Isis and its ability to launch a biological or chemical weapons attack on Europe.


The Isis terrorist group wants to carry out a “mass casualty” chemical weapons attack in Britain, the national security minister has warned – describing it as “everybody’s worst fear”.


Should we take this threat seriously? I think we should especially as Theresa May is almost certainly an Illuminati and she is putting into place, quietly, all the pieces for a chemical or biological false flag.

Identifying the Illuminati is very difficult as they are masters of deception, although May was photographed flashing a secret Illuminati sign when she met Angela Merkel.

But a recent event connected to my case has convinced me that Thresa May really is, in fact, an Illuminati pushing the Globalist agenda.

As part of my civil case, Theodekti called Theoktisti as her witness. Theoktisti signed a testimony filled with obvious lies, something which can only be explained, in my view, by the fact that she was put under extreme pressure. That shows me that although Theoktisti is a UK citizen, although she is part of a real world case in Greece with file numbers etc, although I have warned she is in danger as a witness to a very serious crimes against me, she received no help from the UK embassy or the UK government, specifically Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, even though I wrote to him to ask for that help and cc d in Theresa May.

Theresa May appointed well known Globalist Boris Johson as Foreign Secretary. Johnson as mayor of London introduced an especially tough pandemic plan for the city. It turns out he has also been visiting this very part of Greece where the crimes against me occurred, Volos, regularly for the past three years, coinciding with my stay here. So, he would be the ideal person, if sincere, to help Theoktisti and myself.

As the Home Secretary Theresa May left the UK wide open to repeated threats from Ebola brought in to the UK by health care workers exposed to infection in West Africa by allowing the stand down of standard epidemic control measures.

She oversaw the crushing of the attempt by Dr Sarah Wollaston to start a public inquiry in 2015 into the inadequate preparedness of the UK for epidemics. Dr Wollaston wrote me a letter asking for evidence. But the whole thing ended without an inquiry, just a flawed reply from Public Health England.

May has left the disastrous health minister Stephen Hunt in place, known for his support of the Saatchi Bill, his witch hunt of NHS whistleblowers, and his imposition of a slave wage contract on doctors and nurses, weakening their ability still more to deal with an epidemic.

There has been a new push to get a license for a Merck Ebola vaccine, which could even give people Ebola. The trial was led by WHO researchers and the results published just before Christmas in the Lancet explicitly censored cases when people developed Ebola after receiving the vaccine within ten days.

Bill Gates’s GAVI Alliance has funded a stash of 300,000 of these vaccines.

The new ambassador to Greece is Kate Smith, a UN minion in charge of the foreign office’s chemical and biological warfare unit.

Alexis Tsipras made a power grab over the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO), firing its head Thanasis Giannopoulos in April illegally.

In another sinister move, May’s government has proposed Globalist David Cameron as the new Nato secretary general, positing him to use the NATO bases across Europe to arm ISIS with conventional, chemical and biological weapons.

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