Will Theodekti try to bribe the judge to win the civil case? Or provide the withheld receipts proving my case?

Huge developments but I have  to focus on my civil case. It seems tricky Theodekti is going to make another submission on Thursday, the deadline. It may well be an envelope to bribe the judge because that is the only way she is going to win. She already made one proven attempt through Theoktisti in 2015.

Theodekti uses blame the victim tactics ignoring the fact that Konstantinos Christopoulos has admitted in writing that Theoktisti tried to bribe him in April 27th 2015 on behalf of Theodekti to cover up her crimes and also he has admitted that Theoktisti told him to make sure I did not get my money back.
In fact, I was made to sign receipts for all the money I took from my cash pile, including the 18,000 euros. Theodekti and Theoktisti have withheld the receipts because they prove that I took out only small sums at very infrequent intervals and almost all of that went straight to the monastery. The only money I spent on myself was the 900 euros I signed for in December 2014 for my trip to Patmos.

For example, I know I signed a receipt for 1000 euros on 9 10 2014 and all that money was given to Theofili to take with her to Estonia. She left that same day. I did not keep a penny.

These receipts have been kept back because they also prove the momastery wanted constant cash from me in addition to electronic transfers, something I will point out in my civil suit.

Theoktisti has to be cross questioned about what receipts she has, for how much and who got the cash.

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