Just days after Israeli diplomat discussed plans to “take down” the UK’s deputy foreign secretary  and anti Globalist Sir Alan Duncan, his boss Globalist, British Foreign Secretary and the head of MI6, Boris Johnson, has been implicated in a smear dosier written by an MI6 spy Christopher Steele to take down Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Mail, Theresa May was told about the ‘smear dossier’, which contains not a single verifiable claim, a month ago.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson were briefed about the dirty tricks document after Trump’s opponents Jeb Bush and the Clinton team paid him.

Theresa May attempts to distance the government from the dirty tricks, stating Steele had not worked for UK authorities for ‘years’ are barely credible given the involvement of so many top UK diplomats in the smear campaign.

If I were Trump, I would sue Christopher Steele for defamation. If I were to publish totally unverified claims on my blog, I could be sued for it. To avoid being sued, I have to publish documents and evidence supporting my claims. The burden of proof rests on me. No one has to prove my claims are false. I have to prove they are true or reasonable.

Boris Johnson is not only an idiot according to the Israeli diplomat. He is also, I suggest, one of the most vicious proponents of the eugenicist based Globalist New World Order, whose frequent presence in Volos in the past three years raises questions about his involvement in my case.

But who has placed Boris and his brother Jo in such important positions? And who allows this pair of menaces to try to smear Trump and wreck diplomatic relations with the USA? Because that is all idiot Boris has achieved. That and the exposure of the MI6 as an organization of incompetents.

Theresa May should be forced to resign for her latest disaster and the government should be purged of the Illuminati, first and foremost the Johnson NWO bankster eugenicists brothers.

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